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Embrace Volume With These Haircut Ideas for Thin Hair

Pragya T Nov 4, 2018
Many good haircuts for thin hair can bring volume to your hair and make it look gorgeous. Here are the latest haircuts, that you can try.
To add volume quickly to your thin hair, use a curling solution like a sea salt spray on wet hair, and let them air dry. It will give you sexy beach waves, that will add a lot of body to your hair.
There are many ways to make your hair appear fuller. The best and quick way to do this is to go to a stylist and get a great haircut.
Here are 8 great looking haircut ideas that suit thin hair, out of which you can pick the one you like the most. Apart from the listed haircuts, many techniques like backcombing, teasing, applying a volumizing hair product, curling, etc., will also help to make your hair look fuller.

Trendy Haircuts for Thin Hair

Asymmetrical Pixie

Pixie haircut with long side bangs looks great.
You can keep the bangs on one side of the parting extra long, to add more style. This style is great for thin hair, because it is short and easy-to-maintain.

Undercut Pixie

Undercut/undershave haircuts are all the rage this year. Get a cute pixie with long side bangs, and on the side of the smaller hair parting, get an undercut style. If you want you can get the undercut area dyed in a different color to make it stand out even more.

Sassy Bob

This sassy bob looks cute, and is a great style option for people who have fine hair. This bowl bob with side bangs, adds body to hair, and suits all face shapes.

Bob with Uneven Bangs

This style looks edgy, because it is done with choppy layers.
To get this attention-grabbing bob with uneven bangs haircut, get a graduated bob with layers near the crown to add volume. Finish this style with choppy cut, uneven bangs.

Sleek Lob

If you are looking for a less dramatic style, which you can wear to work, then the 'Lob' is the best style for you. Check out pictures of Jennifer Aniston, sporting this haircut. The long bob looks great, and is easy-to-style, if you want you can use a blow dryer to the style the hair inwards to add bounce and body to the hair.

Wavy Layered Style

For a medium-length hairstyle, get some layers in your hair, and style your hair wavy. Styling hair wavy adds instant volume to your hair. To do this use a curling iron to curl your hair, then finger comb the curls, and you will have soft, beautiful waves in your hair.

Medium Layered Style

This is another good style option for medium-length hair.
Get some layers at the bottom section of the hair and straight, long bangs. This is a timeless hairstyle, which brings attention to your eyes.

Layered Style with Bangs

If you have long hair, and don't want to trim it, then consider a layered haircut. Get few layers in your hair, and flip some hair out, while some can be styled wavy to add volume in the hair. With this haircut get long, flattering bangs. To add more texture to your hair, consider getting lowlights.
So, visit a good stylist and describe the cut to him, to get the desired look. To maintain your haircut you will need to visit the stylist for a trim every 6 - 8 weeks, depending upon your haircut.