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Amazingly Chic Hair Updos for 2018

Amazingly Chic Hair Updos for 2018
Updos look elegant and are great hairstyles for office or for evening parties. Also, there are simple messy buns, which are a quick fix for a bad hair day.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Dec 08, 2017
Hairstyles like updos give an elegant look. There are various popular hair updos for women. Some can be created within minutes, while for others, you need to spend 10 minutes to half an hour for styling the hair. There are many quick updos like messy buns, or updos with headbands or hair sticks which can be created within minutes. However, if you are looking for some romantic-looking hair updos, then you will need some patience and time to create these styles. Updo hairstyles for parties can be created on hair which is a bit greasy, which means you should wash your hair a day before the party. Given below are the various updo hairstyles.
Updos For Short Hair
Simple Short Updo
Simple Updo
The best way to create a short updo hairstyle, is to curl your hair. Make ringlet curls in your hair. Then comb half of the front hair back, and secure it with a thick headband of color, that matches your dress, keeping the back hair curled into an updo.
Half Updo
Half Updo
You can also create a half updo, with short hair, just tie the front half of your hair into a ponytail, and leave the rest of the hair open. Take out some strands from sides to soften your look.
Updos For Medium Hair
Messy Updo
Messy Updo
If you don't have much time to style your hair, or have a bad hair day, then use these ideas of messy updos. Comb all your hair, then secure it in a bun near the crown. Then to get the messy look, take out a few strands from the front hair, placing them carefully on the sides, and a few from the back hair positioning them on the neck.
French Twist Updo
Beautiful Brides Hairstyle For Wedding
French twist hairstyles are popular updo hairstyles, that you can wear at work or at a party. Brush your hair, and then create a French bun and secure it with lots of thin hair pins. Take out a few strands from the sides if you wish to soften the look.
Side Bun Updo
Side Bun Updo
You can also try creating an elegant-looking side bun hairstyle. First brush your hair and then part it sideways. Then roll the rest of the hair in a bun and secure it near the nape of the neck, but nearer to the larger side of the parting.
Topknot Updo
Top Knot Updo
A topknot can be created using medium-length hair. Just comb all the hair upwards and secure it on the top of the head in a bun. Use ribbons or headbands to accessorize.
Updos For Braids
Braided Headband Updo
Braided Headband Updo
If you have medium or long hair, then create a braided headband. Then curl the rest of the hair, and secure it into a loose bun near the nape of the neck. If you don't have hair long enough to create a braided headband, then look for hair accessories of braided headbands, which match your hair color.
French Braid Updo
French Braid Updo
French braid styles with updos are very popular. To use them for creating an updo, use these steps. Side part your hair, create small French braids on both the sides and tie them with the back hair, to create a normal three structure braid. Roll the braid and secure it in a bun.
Quick Braided Updo
Snail Bun As Hairstyle
If you don't have much time and have medium or long hair then use this braided updo idea. Simply scoop your hair backwards, and start creating a simple three-structure braid, and secure it into a bun by rolling it. Then place a thick metal or cloth headband of black color, and take out a few bangs from the front.
Updos For Curly Hair
Curly Updo Using Braided Headband
If you have extremely curly Afro hair which are short in length, then use this idea. Use a braided headband, and comb all the hair backwards and upwards and use an extra-hold styling gel to hold the hair. Accompany this unusual updo hairstyle, with dangling earrings.
Wavy Pulled Back Updo
Wavy Pulled Back Updo
Wavy curly hair updos are very popular and give you a glamorous look. First style your hair wavy using a curling iron or using a curling volumizing hair serum. Then scoop all your hair backwards, and secure it near the nape of the neck into a bun. Take out some curly hair strands from the sides, and finish your style by securing a pretty hair pin in the bun.
Curly Side Updo
Consider a side updo with curly hair. Simply scoop the curly hair sideways and tie it in an elegant bun near the nape of the neck. Take out hair strands from the other side to soften the look. Pair this style with long dangling earrings.
Updos For Kids
Twisted Ponytail
Twisted Ponytail
If your child has short hair, then make twists and braids in the hair. Then place colorful beads in the twist, and tie a thick cloth headband.
Multiple Mini Buns
Mini Buns
You can also try making mini bun hairstyles for children. First make small multiple ponytails, and secure them using black rubber bands. Then roll the individual ponytails into a bun, and use different colored rubber bands to secure the buns.
Half Updo
Half Updo Haircut
You can also make a half updo for kids. Make small French plaits starting from the hair near the forehead and ending near the crown, secure these braids with colorful pins, and leave the rest of the hair open.
Make sure you use one or two accessories with an updo hairstyle, when dressed up for a party. However, if you are wearing an updo for work, then use a very subtle-looking hair accessory or not using any accessory also works fine. To make your updo hairstyle last longer, make sure you use a hairspray after you have styled your hair.