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Hair Highlights and Lowlights: Some Serious HAIRSPIRATION!

Hair Highlights and Lowlights
If you intend to do something drastic, but appealing, then hair highlights or lowlights can be your answer. Of course, you'll need to consider certain prerequisites prior to actually changing your hair color. Be sure whether you intend to darken or lighten your hair color.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Majority of women, and some men, all around the world love to experiment with their looks. Whether it is through their clothes, hair, or mannerisms, there is not a single person in this entire world who doesn't want to be perceived as beautiful. As there are countless ways a person can change his/her persona, many have found that a quick hair makeover has the power to turn things around, in a good way. Your answer? Highlights or lowlights!
What are Highlights?
coloring thick or thin hair strands with shades lighter than the original color
~ Highlights are a well-known concept that emphasize the existing hair color by coloring thick or thin hair strands with 1/ 2 shades lighter than the original color.
~ You can have either dark or light highlights, provided that it complements your existing hair color.
~ For instance, if you are getting a dark brown highlights and you have black hair, or want caramel or light brown tones for brown hair, then you need to be sure about your choices.
Placement and thickness of highlights plays a huge role in making the wearer look attractive. To make the highlights look more natural, they are generally placed on top. Too thick and chunky highlights make them to appear unnatural. Thin strands with naturally suitable color shades is the best way you can flaunt that luscious mane of yours.
What are Lowlights?
Lowlights are a wonderful thing that can add glamor and poise to anyone's personality
~ Adding lowlights is not an alien concept these days, they add glamor and poise to anyone's personality.
~ There are many who like highlights but hate the dramatic look they offer.
~ Lowlights, on the other hand, add warmth and depth to your hair, and enhance the existing color as well.
~ It is an excellent option for people with gray hair. Here, the emphasis is on darkening hair strands with 1/ 2 shades darker than your existing hair color.
Lowlights can be added to any texture and color of the hair. Consider placing the lowlights on the lower hair strands and the lower layers of your hair. Adding darker hues of the same hair color looks really attractive. Also, refrain from the hair colors that can make your skin to appear pale. Many recommend adding lowlights during colder seasons when the hair gets exposed to less amount of sunlight. You can add lowlights to cover overly highlighted hair too.
Useful Tips Regarding Highlights and Lowlights
One of the popular hair coloring techniques, called hair 'tricolor' service, is to add highlights and lowlights together. It is a great alternative to have a classy and dramatic look at the same time. Highlights at the top of the head with lowlights underneath is the best way to provide your hair a dimension and charm. Lowlights are mostly added on every third time one gets the highlights; in short, the ratio should be 3:1.
While adding highlights/lowlights to blonde hair, always consider adding soft blonde highlights and dark blonde hues lowlights. You can also try golden blonde tones for highlighting the hair because they require less maintenance.
For brown or darker hair shades, make sure that the color tones that you choose are not too overwhelming. In order to look natural, always consider adding heavy lowlights and thin highlights. Choose warm brown shades, red and dark blonde as highlights for brown hair, while adding copper-infused colors for brown and darker hair colors.
Once you achieve the desired look, then its maintenance also becomes your prime duty. For best results and utmost hair care, use the color preserving hair care products.
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