Fabulous Hair Highlight Ideas to Let Your Amazing Tresses Speak

Hair Highlight Ideas
If you want to weave a pop of color or some subtle shade in your tresses, the mane magic that goes by the name of 'highlights' will transform your hair from drab to simply fab! Get some hot hair highlight ideas in this HairGlamourista article and swank your style.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: May 4, 2018
Getting that sexy look is just easy by playing up a few strands of your hair. So all you wonderful ladies out there, just get ready to look stunning by having some highlights in your hair. Well, using the right shade is something that you need to be really careful about, for a wrong choice can just ruin your locks! This article gives you some hair highlight ideas; follow these and flaunt your stylish locks.
Hair Highlight Techniques
Before you decide on the hair highlight colors to be chosen and explore the various hair coloring and highlighting ideas, you need to first decide upon the look you want to get after having the highlights.
Do you want to look stylish, yet elegant or you want to don that funky look? Well, ask this question to yourself and proceed accordingly.
Getting a Chic Look
chic lowlights hair highlight
For getting a decent look, you need to pick a shade that will give classy highlights, but won't look too flashy. The rule is to just use up two shades lighter or darker than your original hair color. If you are having lowlights, then a single shade difference can be noticeable. Well, if you are confused about the term 'lowlights', let me tell you that these are simply the highlights done using a darker shade on light-colored hair.
classy lowlights hair highlight idea
One of the hair highlight ideas is to have dark brown or chocolate brown lowlights on light golden brown hair. But while getting highlights, you must generally use a color that's two shades darker than your hair, so that it is well conspicuous. Highlights for brown hair can include use of shades of red or golden hair color. In case of black hair, you can have light golden brown, chestnut brown, or brown umber hair highlight shades. Believe me, black hair with blonde highlights looks simply awesome.
Getting a Funky Look
resplendent hair highlights
To have a funky look, you need to basically use some flashy shades for lowlights or highlights. Blonde, persian blonde, flame red, mahogany, walnut red brown and strawberry blonde are some shades that you can experiment with to give a modish touch to your locks. Blonde highlights on black hair or vice-versa is surely a crazy combo, for which you will need to have certain chutzpah in order to carry it with confidence.
funky hair highlights
A right hairstyle plays an important role in complementing such hair highlight ideas. A few bold brunette lowlights on blonde or golden blonde are enough to spice up your locks. One of the hair coloring ideas is to have dense highlights at the hair partition and have them very sparse down the length of your hair. For dark hair you can get red or blonde highlights to grace your bangs. For that extreme look, you can also consider using purple, pink, red or green hair color shades.
Getting a Dramatic Look
two tone hair highlight idea
Apart from highlights and lowlights you can experiment much more with the hair colors with some unique hair highlight ideas. One of the hair coloring ideas is to opt for two tone highlights. Choose two shades of same color and use them in your hair properly to have a dramatic effect. Well, you must preferably see a hair professional for this task.
dramatic hair highlights
Another idea is to get those extremely funky frosted tips for your hair. You must use a flashy shade for this look, wherein just 1-2 inches of your hair tips will be colored. Such hair color highlights work best if you want to try out funky hairstyles. You can also consider changing the color of your entire hair and then add some chunky hair highlights.
Flip through some fashion magazines to get unique hair coloring tips. Check out the options available and experiment with trendy hair colors to don an ultimate look with colored strands!