How to Highlight Hair with Hair Foils

Learn How to Highlight Hair With Hair Foils and Enjoy its Benefits

Using hair foils is a great way to highlight your hair, as it gives you multiple colors in a single session. In the article below, you will learn how to highlight hair with hair foils.
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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Hair foils are used for highlighting hair, especially when more than one color formula is applied. More often than not, we prefer to color our hair with multiple shades, which is difficult to accomplish without partitioning the hair into sections. This is where hair foiling turns out to be one of the most popular hair coloring and highlighting ideas. As the hair sections are kept separate, the colors do not get mixed with each other. What's more, this method gives a better result by allowing even coverage of the highlights over the scalp.

Highlighting hair with multiple colors, also known as dimensional colors, is usually costly. Apart from the initial cost for coloring, you may be charged extra depending upon the number of hair foils that have been applied. Some salons even charge double the price of the regular coloring service. So, a cost saving alternative is applying these foils on your own. And believe me, it is not so difficult. Follow the simple steps given below.

  • A plethora of foils of different brands are sold in the market. It may be quite a confusing task for you to select one from many products.
  • Based on how thick your hair is, buy packets with adequate number of pieces.
  • Or else, you can make use of household tins after cutting them into 8 inch length and 3 inch wide rectangular strips.
  • Other requirements are duckbill clamps, tail comb, brushes, bowls, and gloves.
  • Decide the way you want to color your hair; you can choose highlighting, which is probably the most common hair foiling method.
  • Other techniques are lowlights (adding darker shades to complement highlighted hair), twilighting (subtle change in highlighted hair), and veiling (lightening flat hair color).
  • For a different look, chunky hair highlights or chunking would be the best option, wherein randomly large sections of hair are colored.
Preparatory Step
  • Hair foil ideas or hair highlight ideas require clean and dry hair, to begin with.
  • You will need a helping hand for applying the foils.
  • Comb and part your hair as you normally do so that your hair falls naturally.
  • You can clip away your hair and reveal the sections you want to highlight.
  • The instructions will differ depending upon whether you are highlighting only the re-growth portion or whole strand.
Applying Hair Foils
  • As per the hair foiling pattern you have decided, divide your hair into sections (large or small) by using a tail comb.
  • Ensure that the sections are nearly the same or symmetrical.
  • Separate a small section at a time and hold hair in one hand.
  • Lay the foil below the hair to be colored and brush color formula from the root to tip.
  • Accordingly, you can apply formula for coloring the re-growth portion.
  • Fold the foil into half or at a different distance, depending upon your hair length.
  • Repeat the same procedure for foiling and highlighting the remaining hair sections with same or different shades.
  • Similar to other hair coloring procedures, applying hair foil is best proceeded from back to front or from the nape to the forehead.
  • Allow the color to remain for the stipulated time, and remove the foils gently.
Thus, you can apply multiple colors in a single procedure by using hair foils. If you don't want to take a risk, get the service done by a hair stylist. You can ask for suggestions regarding hair foils styles that will complement your skin tone and personality. Since he/she is professionally trained, the results of hair foiling will be impressive.
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