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Tips on How to Dye Your Hair

Tips on How to Dye Your Hair

You can instantly change the way you look by dyeing your hair in a foreign color, using different techniques that can do wonders to boring tresses.
Mamta Mule
Hair dyes come in a plethora of exciting colors and shades, that promise to transform your head of hair into nothing short of a spectacle. If you have dull, lifeless hair, look no further than the closest beauty parlor on the block. Just be sure the salon you go to is a trusted one, with a professional staff that cares about your hair and not just about getting the job done. Let's take a look at several factors that need to be borne in mind.
Choosing the Right Color
When it comes to picking a hair dye color, you must remember that your skin tone plays an important role in determining which one works best for you. Fair-skinned people can experiment with practically any hair color, where those with olive and pale skins should ideally choose light hues, while steering clear from bright shades like red and orange.

Dark-skinned people can opt for a color that doesn't create a striking contrast against their skin tone, like bright blues, reds, and purples, since it overwhelms striking features of the face. Choose browns, blacks, or a dirty-blond palette to complement the chocolaty appeal of your skin color. Those who wish to dye their hair, must first wear a colored wig and step out into the sun to see what it looks like in natural light, before making a final decision. If you wish to go for highlights, make sure the base color of your hair is light enough to accentuate the color of the highlights.

For example, if you want dirty-blond streaks, the base should be a light or dark chocolate brown; you will need to first color it if it isn't light enough. If you want bright highlights against jet black hair, this is possible depending on how bright the color is. Also, for those who want natural-looking highlights, visit a salon that practices unconventional methods like randomly coloring hair without parting it with sections; it gives hair a natural look because of its chunky appeal. This method is called balayage, a technique worth giving a shot. Dip dyeing is also a great option, where you can rock a cool color only in the bottom half of your hair.
How to Dye Your Hair at Home
This procedure is fairly easy for those who want to save the extra bucks spent at a salon. Following the instructions mentioned on the product, mix the provided solutions together until you acquire a mixture that is ready for use. Slip the gloves on, using a hair-dye brush to coat your entire head of hair with the mixture. If your hair falls past your shoulders, you may need to use two boxes of color to achieve a uniform finish. Make sure you don't get of the coloring mix in your eyes, or you'll have a painful situation on your hands. Don't worry if your eyes sting just a little bit, since the chemicals in the product will do that.

Once your entire head of hair is well-coated in the mixture, gather and pile your hair up on your head using a jaw clip to keep it in place. Encase your hair in a shower cap and get rid of the disposable gloves. Depending on the product's instructions, leave the mixture on for the required amount of time and then wash it off using a color-treated shampoo, followed by using the conditioner provided in the pack. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner thereafter, that is specifically made for colored hair. Also, be sure to use a deep hydrating hair mask once a week, to keep dry, chemical-induced hair, smooth, strong, and frizz-free.