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Must-see Hair Coloring Techniques for a Fabulous Look

Hair Coloring Techniques
Opting for one of the hair coloring techniques is a great way to have a stylish look. Here are some ideas which you can consider, to get trendy colored locks.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Want to wear a trendy look without makeup or flashy clothing? Get those hair colors and add some colored strands to your mane. It is definitely the best way to instantly wear a stylish look. You would have experimented a lot with your haircuts and hairstyles, if you want to get something extra with these, hair coloring is the thing to opt for. There are many popular hair coloring techniques which help enhance the appearance of your locks. Lets move on to know about these various techniques.
Techniques to Consider
You can buy the hair coloring kits easily to get your hair colored. Make sure you thoroughly read the instruction leaflet inside the kit and follow the procedure. With this you can color the entire length of your hair in one color. You can try out the various colors. Make sure you do not use a color 1-2 shades lighter than your hair, as this can give you a weird look after completely coloring your hair.
Hair highlights is amongst the popular hair coloring technique. In this a few strands of your hair are highlighted with a lighter shade. The shade you pick for highlighting, must not be more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color. One of the ideas is to add such highlights to your fringes. One of the chic hair color ideas is to have dual tone highlights which look extremely modish. Make sure you pick the right complementing tones.
In highlights, light colored highlights are added to dark-colored hair and in lowlights dark-colored highlights are added to light colored hair. For example, getting black lowlights in blonde hair. Again choosing the right color is essential to avoid ending up getting an unattractive look with lowlights.
This is one of the professional techniques which is closely related with lowlights. In this technique, light hair is given a subtle change by adding darker tones to very thin strands. Remember that twilighting will tone down your too-bright hair color by adding a slightly darker tone to it, not too dark though.
Chunking is similar to highlighting, with the difference in the width of colored hair stands. Basically large sections of hair are randomly colored in a bright trendy color. Chunking is amongst the advanced techniques which gives a dramatic touch to your hair with the vibrant color shades.
This is amongst the new techniques which is used to add glaze to your colored locks. As time passes after you get your hair colored, the locks appear dull. With veiling, a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone is applied over a permanent shade which will add brightness to your old flat hair color.
Frosted Tips
Frosted tips is not amongst the latest techniques, but an all time hit trend. Just get a trendy haircut like a razor, choppy ends, or a pixie haircut and add a light color to the tips. With frosted tips 1-2 inches of your hair ends are colored. Make sure you visit a professional for this type of hair coloring technique.
With the aforementioned techniques, you can pick one that suits your haircut the best. One of the few tips is to check out fashion magazines which can give you an idea as regards to choosing the right color for your hair. Add that color in your hair and flaunt your voguish looks.
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