Hair Color Trends for Fall 2018

Hair Color Trends for Fall 2018
Whether you like to follow a particular celebrity's hairstyle or you wish to come up with your own trend, we've got everything you want for this fall. Find out which hair colors are hot and happening in this year.
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Last Updated: Dec 8, 2017

With so many hair color choices available, anyone can get a hair makeover in a matter of hours. The one that's perfect for your skin tone is what you should be looking for. Here are the trendiest hair color options for this fall.

Hair Colors for Women
Gorgeous Gray Shades
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Guess what, gray hair is definitely 'in' this season. You could go for a global coloring or infuse an ombre style here. It all depends on how you wish to carry the gray hair for 2018. Follow this trend or leave it to the daredevils. This style really depends on whether you're a trend-follower or someone who picks comfortable styles. Retro blend, blue-gray, and the bold purple-gray are some of the popular shades of gray hair color.
Beautiful Blonde with Dark Roots
Backlit beauty
Whether you want to color your hair blonde (any shade) or brunette, you can use this style. Women with blonde hair can opt for dark brown roots for a subtle two-tone look. Redheads can choose from shades like auburn, copper, reddish blonde, and mahogany.
Magical Mushroom Brown Highlights
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This shade is a combination of a medium brown base and mushroom brown highlights. These tones look sensuous and bold. The roots will be darker than the ends and you can style your hair with wavy curls. Mushroom brown is a great choice of hair color this year.
Ruby Blend
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With the choice of colors like chocolate brown, burgundy and gold that blend too well in streaks, no wonder we're seeing this trend settle in 2018. And with many women opting for them, these colors have actually become common. So, get this new look now!
Autumn Swish
Dancing hair
A fusion of basic burgundy with a copper and violet tinge would be a good choice of hair color for women with natural red hair. It will not only give your hair a complete makeover, but will also change the way you feel inside. For women with a light or pale skin, this combination gives dimension to the face.
Fiery Red
There are several stunning red hues that can transform your style considerably. Although the bright fiery reds will always be in season, there are multidimensional hues that keep debuting. Depending on your skin tone, choose the shade that will enhance your look and not make it look too-bold-to-handle. If you're attempting to alter your hair color drastically and opt for a vibrant one, consult with your stylist. He/she will be able to get you the right hue.
Strawberry Blonde
If you're not in the mood to bring a huge transformation to your hair, sticking to a single color should be your choice. Strawberry blonde is really picking interest among many women this season and this is what you may need. Strawberry blonde color is not just easy to impersonate, but it is also a little flirty. You don't necessarily have to be a natural blonde in order to carry this look. Even women with dark brown, black, and red hair can go for this hue. Try it out, you might just love it.
Hair Colors for Men
Swaggy Highlights
Those who don't shy away from experimenting with their looks should definitely go with these front highlights. They work best when your hair is styled in a slick quiff or a rockabilly pompadour. It not only looks amazing, but gives your entire persona a fantastic makeover. You can try hues for highlights in different shades of blonde. And the best part about this is, your highlights will be concentrated only at the front, making you look smart, attractive, and definitely sensuous.
Pastel Colors
Beautiful young man with dyed white hair
Having the same natural hair everyday is boring. Why not try something new and stylish! If you want to stand out in a crowd, then this new look is definitely going to help you. Pastel colors like blue, green or purple will make you look stunning.
Classy as Always
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Guys who wish to stay classy at all times should blend with the trend. Get your hair colored at least once, and let that go from your huge bucket list. There are umpteen options to choose from, when it comes to hair colors. However, if you want something decent, go for a natural blonde or brunette. It will make you look young, cool, and handsome.

Selecting your color from the different hair color trends for Fall isn't that hard. Choose one for yourself and let the professionals take care of the rest. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the magic of hair coloring begin.

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