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Flaunt Your Olive Skin Tone With These Amazing Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas for Olive Skin
Choosing a hair color could be a confusing affair for women, knowing that there are so many exceptions and variations to it. First and foremost, choose a color that will complement your skin tone; otherwise, it could look all wrong on you. Here are some trendy options that olive or earthy skin-toned people could opt for, while coloring their hair.
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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
"I'm undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair." - Hillary Clinton

So, going by her words, let us also begin our quest and hunt for that appropriate hair color, to bring out our distinguished self-image. There are many options available for people with an olive skin tone. Colors like copper brown, black, and darker blonde will definitely enhance their look. Always consult a professional hairdresser for an opinion, because choosing the right color has many elements factored in it, like the skin tone, hair type, and eye color, and only an experienced stylist can make the right judgment about your hair.
Warm or Cool - Which Category Do You Belong To?
Generally, people with an olive skin tone have warmer undertones, i.e., their wrist vein color would have a greenish tint, but there are some whose skin tone is on the cooler side, i.e., their wrist vein color can have a blue tint. Colors, like copper and black look great on warm skin-toned people, whereas red and brown look very good on cool skin-toned people. There are numerous shades to choose from, but dark colors always go well with an earthy skin tone.
Colorful Copper
Colorful Copper
Celebrity Inspiration: Alyson Hannigan
People with dark brown eyes and an olive skin tone should go for shades, like dark copper, coffee, or golden copper. Eye color is an important factor that you should consider while choosing a hair color. You can also experiment with different hair accessories or try vibrant highlights. Dark skin-toned people can opt for copper colors or shades, like burnt orange or autumn red. Shades, like dark copper, pale gold, honey, and red will also complement their look.
Bold Brunettes
Bold Brunettes
Celebrity Inspiration: Sophia Bush
The term 'brunette' covers a variety of shades ranging from deep blacks to browns and blonds. Generally, people with brown hair are called brunettes. They are the lucky ones, who can try any hair color and end up looking stunning, if they maintain it properly. Pick a shade of brown or black to get that classic, sensible, and comfortable look.
Today, undoubtedly men, too, are not far behind in changing their look and adding a little excitement to their style. They look refreshing in colors, like black or shades of brown, such as golden brown, honey brown, and chestnut brown. You can count on any of them, as olive skin-toned people look beautiful in deep blacks and browns.
Mellow Blondes
Mellow Blondes
Celebrity Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez
Olive skin-toned people look glamorous and stylish in shades of blonde. Shades like golden blonde or strawberry blonde look charming on people with hazel or green eyes. These days, an increasing number of men are coloring their hair. Blonde hair color with dark brown streaks is one of the best ideas suitable for men with an olive skin tone. People, who carry this look well, always become the center of attention.
Fiery Reds
Fiery Reds
Celebrity Inspiration: Marcia Cross
If you love to experiment and stand out in a crowd, then you should opt for this bright and brave hair color. If you want a bolder look, then you can also try red or violet shades, drawing inspiration from famous celebrities, like Rihanna and Katy Perry. It will definitely make you look attractive, interesting, and radiant.
Without a doubt, color is the simplest way to look prettier, more lively, and simply your best. So, you see, people with an earthy skin tone should opt for darker shades, as it really suits them, thereby making them look strikingly attractive. For the hair color to last longer, selecting the right kind of shampoo is important to limit fading (of color) and prevent any other kind of damage. Don't be afraid to experiment. Get up, go color your hair in vibrant colors, and flaunt your unique olive skin tone.
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