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Hair Color Ideas That are Just Perfect for Brunettes

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes
When it comes to hair color, brunettes have a wide choice to choose from. Choosing colors that will complement your natural color is very important. Warm shades of brown are best suited for highlighting, but for a bolder look, red and plum are good options.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Are you a born brunette? Gifted with beautiful brown hair like Liz Hurley or Beyoncé? Although the natural hair color of brunettes is very beautiful, sometimes, you may feel like experimenting with the color. One of the biggest advantages for brunettes is that, most of the hair colors available in the market suit this type of hair. Now, this does not mean that you can go in for any hair color that you fancy.
There are several things that need to be taken into consideration before coloring your hair. For e.g., your hair's length, texture, and also your skin tone. Your choice of hair color may also depend upon the type of hairstyle you have. For e.g., in case you have short hair, you can only color the ends or the bangs to make it more effective.
Perfect Hair Color for Brunettes
You must be aware that there are hair colors meant for various skin tones. If you naturally have a beautiful hair color, you can just add a little bit of extra color to make it look shiny and gorgeous. One of the most important hair coloring tips for brunettes is that, they should stay away from extremely light colors, like platinum or ash.

Here are some interesting hair color ideas meant for brunettes with various skin tones.
For Fair-skinned Brunettes
Red Highlights
Fair-skinned individuals should go for warmer shades of brown, as these shades complement fair skin. If you wish to have a uniform shade to color all of your hair, you can go for light-brown shades like honey brown, or copper-brown. If you are thinking of just highlighting your hair, you can go for golden or light-red highlights that will embellish your naturally brown hair.
For Olive-skinned Brunettes
chestnut brown
Coffee or chestnut hair colors look best on olive skin or medium skin tones. Olive-skinned people are also recommended to go for a single hair color that complements the skin. In case you wish to highlight your hair, you can go for golden streaks in your naturally brown hair.
For Dark-skinned Brunettes
Beautiful Yougn Lady Modeling Denim Shirt
People with dark skin have a warm skin tone. Therefore, you can opt for dark hair colors suitable for warm skin tones. Hair color ideas for African-American women include richer and darker brown shades like chocolate-brown or caramel color. For highlighting your hair, you can opt for the bronze hair color. You can even go for plum hair color for a more glamorous and adventurous look.
Hair Color Ideas for African-Americans
plum highlights
Natural 'brunette' colors suit the African-American skin tone. You can either go for the lighter shades like cappuccino-brown or mocha-brown, or try darker shades like copper. You can also go for hair colors in darker shades of red, like burgundy, cinnamon, or wine color.
Hair Care Tips for Brunettes
It will be easier for you to choose a hair color based on the aforementioned information. However, if you are not sure, you can consult your hair stylist. If you are coloring your hair for the first time, it is better to use a shade that is closer to your natural hair color. You must remember that brunette hair color needs maintenance to prevent it from looking dull or washed out. If you have your hair colored from a stylist, he will guide you on suitable shampoo or conditioners to be used.

With these hair color ideas and simple hair care tips, you can have the most beautiful looking hair, which will be the envy of many.
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