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Hair Color Ideas for Black Hair

Attain a Riveting Look With These Hair Color Ideas for Black Hair

Black hair is a boon for women as they can color it with a variety of shades. Here are some hair color ideas according to one's complexion, that might prove beneficial to make the right choice.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Aug 7, 2018
Woman With Black Hair
Stark jet black hair is very rarely found in women. Black hair can be experimented with different shades and colors.
Woman Smiling
Colors ranging from golden to red can be applied over it. If you have a black luscious mane, just do away with the old texture and wear some trendy hair highlights. The most important part is that the color must suit your complexion.
Some Ideas
Girl With Dyed Hair
Hair color can be applied on full volume of hair, in chunks, or through highlights. Bold colors like silver, red, and purple are popular amongst youngsters and teens. Colors like brown, chestnut, etc., are generic. Here are some more ideas.
Fair Complexion
Red Hair Girl
A fair complexioned lass has the privilege to opt for bold colors like orange and red. Teens and youngsters are more fond of golden and yellow hair highlights.
Gorgeous Woman With Blonde Hair
Shades of white, silver, and platinum over black give the typical emo look. The most stunning color on fair complexion is red highlights.
Pastel Hair Colored Hair
You can also get your hair painted with blue or pink highlights.
The common highlights for black hair are brown, auburn, and burgundy. Hair streaked with bright orange and rosy pink looks cute on girls with pink and white undertones.
Today, color mixing with different shades of hair mascara has become a fashion trend. If you are comfortable with the latest trend, just get it streaked with hair dyes matching your attire. Thus, fair complexioned women can try out almost all types of colors.
Medium Complexion
Girl Smiling
If the skin undertone is slightly darker than fair, then burgundy is the best color. You can merge one or two colors to render a mixed look to your hair.
Young Woman
Smooth blending of shades like brick red and brown are the perfect hair color for this complexion. Black hair with blonde highlights, like light or golden brown suits warm undertones. The best way to get blonde highlights is to streak your hair.
Pretty Tunisian Girl
Unconventional highlights like electric blue and naughty pink also complement this complexion perfectly. Generic colors like dark brown, ebony, and golden brown are safe for warm undertones. Furthermore, some ideas for olive skin include shades of strawberry and hazel to appear striking.
Dark Complexion
Cheerful Young Woman
Beyonce Knowles sets the perfect example for them. Colors like golden brown and burgundy are best suited for dark complexion.
Dark Complexion
Experimenting with colors like brick red, crimson red, and auburn is a great idea to flatter your silky mane. Therefore, follow these color ideas if you have dusky or tanned complexion.
Hair Coloring
These highlights can be done with latest techniques like chunking, foiling, hair painting, and low lighting. Whatever color you opt for, your hair must suit your complexion.
Do not try to wear bold colors just for the sake of fashion, unless you can carry them well. Get the coloring done from a reputed salon to get the best effect. Also, colors blended over black look extremely attractive.