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These Hair Chalking Ideas Will Give You Wildly Cool Results

Hair Chalking Ideas
Even though hair chalking has been around for a while, its popularity has not dwindled and it continues to remain a popular hair coloring option among people of all age groups.
Rohini Mohan
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019
Do not confuse soft chalk pastels with oil pastels, which are a lot more sticky, may damage the hair, and are extremely hard to wash!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could change our hair color like Nymphadora Tonks from the fantasy novel Harry Potter? To have bubblegum-pink hair one minute and switch to bright orange the next? Well, we may not have magical skills, but we do have the next best option, which is to use hair chalk.
These temporary, affordable, and absolutely fun hair chalks can give a fresh lease of life to the most dull-looking hair. Most importantly, these chalks do not harm the hair, irrespective of how much, or how often, you may be coloring your hair with it. You don't really need tutorials to figure out how to apply hair chalk.
However, you might need help in selecting the right color combinations for you, based on the reigning trends of this season. You might also need help in figuring out how to apply hair chalk on a certain tricky hairstyle. Here, therefore, we have put together some amazing hair chalking ideas for you to choose from.
Hair Chalking Color Ideas
One-tone Look
Single hair color ideas
If you're new at hair chalking and simply like keeping it simple, go for a single color. Opt for a color that is starkly visible on your hair, or matches with your outfit or mood. The choice is completely yours.
By choosing to color only the lower tips of the hair, you can create a dip-dyed effect, which is a complete fashion craze right now. You can also add hair chalk over colored hair, so as to make your hair look tie-dyed.
Dual-tone Hair Chalking
Dual tone hair chalking ideas
Another great way to add depth while chalking your hair is to use two colors that complement one another, or are part of the same color family. For instance, you could combine a lighter shade of orange with coral.
You can also use a darker shade near the roots and use a lighter shades near the tips of your hair. Two distinct colors can be used as well. For example, you could combine a shade of electric blue or purple with pink, or combine red and blue.
Color Shading and Highlights
color shading and highlights ideas
Chalking makes shading light hair seem easy! All you need to do is fade the chalk wherever required. If you wish for simple but prominent highlights, go in for bright colors, and color only one or two twisted strands of hair.
On the other hand, if you desire a more punk look, use as many complementing shades as you can handle! If you have dark hair, you may want to wet your hair slightly for the color to stay longer and show clearly. However, light hair does not require dampening before applying hair chalk, as that may stain the hair for the next few days.
Chalking Ideas for Short Hair
Ideas for short hair
Coloring your hair with hair chalk is the perfect way to keep experimenting. Depending on your hairstyle and the actual color of your hair, you may go in for more subtle or contrasting shades.
The colors that are in trend this season are shades of red, blue, and turquoise. Chalking just the front tuft of hair or the spiked parts, would completely revamp the way you look.
Chalking Dreadlocks
Chalking dreadlocks ideas
Chalking is definitely not off-limits for the ones who don dreadlocks. Chalking dreadlocks can be the most wonderful and temporary hair-coloring option for a more or less permanent hairstyle. Those who have dreadlocks can color the tips to get a dip-dyed effect. They can highlight a few whole strands and leave some stands uncolored.
Edgy Chalking Ideas
Edgy chalking ideas
Those who wish to take hair chalking to the cutting-edge of fashion can opt for coloring their hair in unconventional ways. Chalking is a suitable option for those who are required to change their hairstyles and fashion on a daily basis.
This includes performers, musicians, models, and social butterflies who need to look their best for the camera. Layer the colors in horizontal stripes instead of the usual vertical ones, and chalk your fringes or the crown of your head, while leaving the rest of the hair uncolored.
Chalking is all about having fun coloring your hair, without worrying about damaging it. Remember to dust off any excess chalk residue from each twisted hair stand, so that it doesn't stain your clothes.