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Amazingly Elegant Hair Bun Styles That'll Make You Look Your Best

Hair Bun Styles
The ideas for hair bun styles allow you to create fascinating hairstyles in minutes. From the glamorous updos, chic french twists to the cool and messy hair styles, these styles are sure to make you look your best for your next big event.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
In Chinese history, you could know a woman's marital status based on her hairstyle. While married women wore their hair in a bun, unmarried women wore their hair in plaits.Classic and chic or fun and effortless, hair bun styles are a favorite among celebrities and hair stylists around the world. From the Hollywood celebrities to the girl next door, everyone seems to adore the glamorous updos, the formal hair buns, or the messy bun styles. These hairstyles are the easiest ways to add a touch of elegance and class to any look.
Before you can choose from the different styles, it is important to take into consideration the overall look. So if it is a job interview, then you might want to opt for a tight formal hair bun. A casual messy style will suit your day out with the girls.

If you want to style your hair into a bun, then here are some popular hair bun styles along with the step-by-step instructions that will help you make the fashionably right decision. Most of these styles are extremely easy to create and can be made in a jiffy.
Popular Hair Bun Styles
Ballerina Bun
Ballerina Bun
A perennial and classic favorite, ballerina buns are perfect for people on-the-go. You can pair it with any clothing, and the best part is that this tight bun makes you look taller. It can be worn on the top of the head or at the back of the head.
How to Style the Bun
To make a ballerina bun you will need a hair gel, a broad, updo brush, four to five large bobby pins, and a ponytail holder or elastic.

~ Start off with slightly damp hair, and then, apply some hair gel mixed with conditioner on the hair.
~ Use a large boar bristle hair brush to comb your hair, and gather it in a tight ponytail at the back or on top of the head (depending on where you want the hair bun to be).
~ Twist the hair and wrap it around the base to create a ballerina bun.
~ Use bobby pins to secure the hair. You can also leave a section of hair underneath and wrap it around the bun to create a chic-looking ballerina bun. To smooth the flyaways, spray some firm-hold hairspray.
Sock Bun
Sock Bun
Sock buns are the new hairstyle obsession with everyone from bloggers to celebrities. like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez who love sporting the cute, meaty buns on the top or back of their head. So why have they termed this classy, glamorous bun as the sock bun? Well, simply because you are actually putting your hair into a sock!
How to Style the Bun
To create this bun, you would need a pair of socks (clean of course!) along with one ponytail holder, a boar bristle brush, texturizing spray, a pair of scissors and a few bobby pins.

~ Cut off the toe end of the socks. Make a doughnut shape by rolling the socks from the ankle end to the toe end.
~ Prep your hair by spraying some texturizing spray all over. Using the brush, comb your hair back to make a tight ponytail on top of the head. Secure the hair with a ponytail holder.
~ Pull your ponytail up straight and slide the sock doughnut over it. Hold the tip of the ponytail which is a little above the sock doughnut.
~ Spread the ends of the ponytail around the socks and tuck your hair underneath. Continue doing so as you slide the sock doughnut down towards the base of the ponytail.
~ Add a few bobby pins in the end to secure the hair and spray some light-weight hairspray all over.
Ponytail Bun
Ponytail Bun
The best messy hair bun style for all the lazy girls out there. Ponytail buns which are a wonderful combination of a breezy bun and a ponytail, are the perfect casual buns. Whether you want to keep the hair off your face and back on a hot sunny day or mask a bad hair day, ponytail buns are perfect for you. The soft, romantic look that this frumpy bun style imparts, has made the ponytail bun a trend even on the runaways.
How to Style the Bun
All you need is a ponytail holder and hairspray.

~ Prep the hair with a volumizing hairspray to give the hair some texture and volume.
~ Pull the hair back and secure it in a ponytail. On the last loop, do not pull the hair out of the ponytail holder and instead leave the ends tucked inside creating a bun-like loop.
Top Knot
Top Knot
For a quick hair bun, try the top knot. This style is perfect on the bad hair days when the hair just would not co-operate or want to be styled. The top knot can be styled just as easily with the hair in a ponytail or in a braid.
How to Style the Bun
To get this style you would need a large paddle brush, ponytail holder and bobby pins.

~ Flip your hair and tie a ponytail on top of the head. When making the ponytail, do not pull out all the hair when doing the last loop. Instead keep a sizable section of hair out.
~ Twist the leftover section of the ponytail, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail so that the elastic securing the ponytail is not visible anymore.
~ Use bobby pins or U-shaped pins to secure the style. Instead of a ponytail, the hair can be braided and styled in the same way as above.
Braided Buns
Braided Buns
Braided buns are beautiful, elegant, and perfect for women with thick hair who want to shape their hair into a bun. The hair can be braided first and made into a low bun, a side bun, or a back bun. Different braid styles like french braids, micro braids, fishtail braids add a new dimension to this hair bun style.
Partial braided buns are also quite popular where a top bun is made and the rest of the hair is braided and wrapped around the bun. If you have thick hair, section the hair into two ponytails and make two rope braids. Secure the braids against the scalp, and coil them around each other before tucking the ends in the middle.
How to Style the Bun
To make a simple braided bun, you will need two ponytail holders or elastic, bobby pins, and setting hairspray.

~ Make a ponytail on the back or top of the head depending on where you want the bun to be.
~ Braid the ponytail (A French braid or a Fishtail brad would work well). Secure the end of the ponytail with an elastic.
~ Pull the braid forward so that it lies close to the scalp, and pin the top portion of the braid that is close to the elastic holding the ponytail.
~ Roll the end of the braid inwards and pin the braid down the elastic holding the ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure the bun to the head.
French Twist
French Twist
French twist bun styles are the epitome of sophistication and glamor. This updo hairstyle has been adopted by many celebrities, and is also a perfect wedding or prom look. Instead of the formal french twist, some people also prefer the messier and more casual version of the same for the everyday look.
How to Style the Bun
A lot of bobby pins and hairspray to style this bun.

~ Comb and sweep the hair to one side. Slip in a bobby pin at the bottom. Insert more bobby pins vertically to hold the hair towards one side. Apply hairspray all over the hair.
~ Gather the hair in one hand and twist it upwards. Make sure that the hair is twisted tightly else you would have troubling flyaways all around. Roll the folded section of the hair inwards so that the ends are completely hidden.
~ Tuck the stray hair inside the twist. Insert bobby pins vertically into the base of the French twist, securing it properly. Use a fine toothed brush and hairspray to set the style.
Most people toss around the terms chignon and hair buns, often using them interchangeably. But are all hair buns, chignons? Chignon is the French word for bun but in America the word is actually a abbreviated term for the French word "chignon du cou," which translates as 'bun at the nape'. Therefore buns that are worn low in the head are chignons. Usually chignons are styled by pinning the hair into a knot at the base of the head but there are numerous variations of this style.
How to Style the Bun
To style a simple roll up chignon, you will need a teasing comb, ponytail holder, and large bobby pins. Accessories like bows, barrettes, and clips add beauty to this classic hair bun style.

~ Comb your hair back and tie a small ponytail in the back of your head, leaving the major portion of the hair free.
~ Tease the hair of the ponytail. This adds volume to the chignon.
~ Take hair from one side and roll it up. Pin it to the other side of the head.
~ Pull the other section of the hair over and under the ponytail. Loop the rest of the hair inside the chignon and pin it. Apply hairspray all over and accessorize the chignon.
Side Bun Styles
Side buns
Side buns are a massive hair trend right now. Using any of the methods above, it is easy to style a beautiful and sexy side bun.
Messy side buns
Popular side bun styles include chignon side buns, braided side buns, and messy side buns.
Bridal Bun Styles
Bridal buns
Bridal buns, like wedding chignons, French twists, and elaborate buns using two or more styles look extremely gorgeous.
Bridal buns
The hair is often curled, twisted, or pin-curled, which adds to the romantic tone of the bun style.
Bridal buns
Bridal buns also comprise partially braided hair transformed into stylish updos.
Casual Messy Bun Styles
Messy buns
Whether you want to dress up for a girl's night out or a rock concert in your town, casual messy buns look quite funky and cool.
Messy buns
To get the messy bun style, rake your hands through the hair to gather it into a pony at the middle of the back of your head. Now twist the ponytail into a bun and secure with a ponytail holder. Let the ends stick out a bit for a messier Uma Thurman look.
Accessorize these amazing styles with hair bun accessories such as barrettes, fancy hair bands, crystal bun slides, alligator clamps, jaw claws, and hair sticks. These accessories can be paired off with wedding hair bun style and with other formal bun styles. So if you want fast and beautiful hairstyles in no time, then the bun styles should work great for you.
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