Golden Blonde Hair

Know How to Style Golden Blonde Hair and Look Utterly Magnificent

Golden blonde is an eye-catching hair color, that can make any hairstyle look great. This HairGlamourista article talks about naturally blonde hair, and the different dye shades, and the styling tips for this color.
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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Golden blonde is a stunning shade among all the colors. Slightly wavy hair with some additional hair coloring or a good haircut, can create an interesting texture in this color. The perfect example of a celebrity with this shade is Kate Hudson. This shade can be used to create eye-catching highlights, and give a sun kissed look to your hair. People with natural golden hair can use some additional hair coloring ideas, and create an even more interesting texture. Those who have been thinking about it, can try out these ideas.
How to Get This Color?
There are different ways to dye your hair in this shade. The safest and best way is to go to a stylist. If you are thinking of highlighting your hair, then foiling is the best way, which can be done at home or at a salon. If you wish to completely dye your hair, then select the right shade, and get it done from a stylist, as you might need bleaching, which is best handled by a stylist. Also, make sure you use a good quality products, to prevent any side effects.
Choosing the Right Shade
People who fall in the warm skin tones, and eye color category should go for the golden blonde. Skin tones like ruddy complexion, brown skin tone with pink undertones, freckled complexion, and pale complexion with peach undertones fall in this category. The eye color can be green, greenish blue, hazel with brown flecks, or brown. People who fall in the cool category, who mostly have a brown, bronze, or olive complexion, should avoid dyeing their hair golden blonde completely. However, they can select cool blonde shades like mink or icy white for their highlights.
Additional Styling
Get a nice haircut like layers, and for additional styling cut your layered hair choppy or run a razor along your hair. The choppy haircuts will look textured, and give a sexy unkempt look. Running a razor along the hair, will remove the bulk of your hair, and make it look soft with wispy ends. You can also try haircuts with stylish side swept bangs, or bold straight blunt bangs. Another way to create an interesting texture is to get some lowlights done. They give a more subtle look than highlights. Make sure you select a lowlights shade that is two or three times darker than your base hair color. You can also add one or two more hair color highlights, along with the golden blonde highlights.
There are a million ideas you can try out with the golden blonde color. However, to avoid a mess, use a photo editing software to get a preview of the look you want, you can also seek the advice of a stylist.
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