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Frizz-be-gone: Going From Fuzzed to Curled Hair

Frizz-be-gone: Going from Fuzzed to Curled
How to keep your hair from frizzing out, when it could be a beautiful mane of curls and waves.
Janna Seliger
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Those of us with naturally curly hair have dealt with the frizzies all our lives. It becomes a daily struggle to keep our hair tamed, when we know it could potentially look beautifully curled like we'd spent a day at the beach. Unfortunately, humid weather and natural hair textures tend to work against us in this department.
But there is some good news! It IS possible to combat the elements of nature that work against us to have that perfect, model-like curly-wavy hair. Follow these tips to keep your hair from being fuzz-central:
Shampoo Sparingly
Shampoo dries out the hair. It's recommended that those with frizzy hair, to shampoo only once or twice a week. This keeps the hair from drying out more than necessary.
Deep Condition
Use a strong, deep conditioner. Leave it on your head for five minutes in the shower every time you wash your hair. Another option is to lather conditioner on already wet hair, squeeze out excess moisture, and wrap a towel around your head. Let it set for an hour, and when you rinse the conditioner out, your hair will be beautifully moisturized and conditioned!
Products are your Friends
Using anti-frizz hair serums and creams can make a huge difference in your frizz-factor. Apply a serum after your shower, and if you start frizzing later in the day, use a cream or pomade to bring your hair back down to earth.
Manual Labor
Don't brush your hair during the day. Instead, use your fingers, or even a wide-toothed comb. Separate the curls gently, so that they stay intact and don't fly away. Your hair will turn out looking natural and oh-so-gorgeous!
Iron It
Use a curling iron or flat iron, depending on which style you're aiming for, to keep your hair in place. First spray a strand with hair spray, comb it out, and then apply the iron. Follow-up with more hairspray for a guaranteed hold.
Frizzy hair might be frustrating, and it sure has caused a bad hair day or two, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world, either. Any style or texture of hair is manageable, if you have the know-how. Apply these techniques to your hair styling regimen, and watch your hair turn from blah to beautiful!
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