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Elegant French Braid Bangs

Chandramita Bora Oct 3, 2018
The French braid is an elegant hairstyle, and the latest trend is to wear this braid on your bangs. Read on to know the method for making a French braid on your bangs.
Despite being one of the oldest hairstyles, braids look so fresh and elegant. Moreover, braid hairstyles are easy to maintain, and they can give a neat and tidy look, especially in the summer days.
Today, we can see a lot of experiments being carried out with some popular braids, especially the French and the Dutch braid.
The sophisticated look of a French braid is still cherished by women across the world. This versatile braid can be used to create some other trendy hairstyles, of which the French braid bangs is worth mentioning.

The Basic French Braid

The French braid is a bit more complicated than the simple English braid. The basic French braid is created by taking a small section of hair at the top of head, and diving it into three equal parts.
The right section of hair is then crossed over the middle section, and the same step is repeated for the left section.From this point onwards, a new section of hair is added to the left and the right sections before crossing them over the middle section.
The process of adding new hair on both the sides, and crossing them over the middle section needs to be continued till you reach the bottom of your head, and have added all hair into the braid. Now, continue the braid as a regular English braid till you get the desired length for it.

How to Make a French Braid on Your Bangs

Braided bangs are perfect to keep hair away from your forehead during the hot summer days. Before starting the braiding process, it is highly recommended to smooth out your hair, especially if it is curly and frizzy. Be sure to dampen your hair with water or hair styling products, if your hair is dry and unmanageable.

Steps for Making French Braid Bang

Step 1

Once your hair is ready, decide which side of your hair to part. It could be the right or the left, depending on which side you want to wear the braided bang. Then separate your bangs from the rest of your hair by grabbing all hair at about 2 inches from the forehead. Secure the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

Step 2

Start from the top of the bangs. Take a small portion of hair from the top of the bangs, and divide it into three equal sections. Place the right section over the middle section, so that the right section becomes the middle section. Now, cross the left section over the middle section, in order to create a basic braid.

Step 3

Now, grab a small section of hair from the right side, and add it to the existing right hand section before crossing it over the middle strand; the same way as you would do while weaving the classic French braid. Repeat the same step while crossing the left hand section over the middle strand.

Step 4

Keep adding new sections of hair on both sides before crossing them over the middle section. Continue braiding the bangs this way across your head till you reach the ear or the end of the ear. At this point, you can secure the braid in a ponytail, or simply fix it with a bobby pin at the back of your ear.
Now, as far as the rest of your hair is concerned, you can do a lot of experiments to create some unique hairstyles. You can secure it in a side ponytail, or opt for an updo hairstyle to get a more elegant look.
Braided bangs is one of the few hairstyles that works equally well for both long and short hair, and this is the reason why so many women like to sport this simple, yet beautiful hairstyle.