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Formal Hairstyles 2018

Formal Hairstyles 2018
Easy formal hairstyles for short, medium, and long hair for you to be ready for the event in time, looking charismatic.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Dec 27, 2017
Are you having a hard time finding out some good formal hair styles? Formal hairstyles are great when you are going for a party, or when you have an important day at work. Such hairstyles give you an elegant and beautiful look. Here are step-wise instructions on how to create some trendy looking formal hair up-dos and other hairstyles, that you can wear to a party or your workplace.
Hairstyles for Short Hair
How to Make a Bump Hairstyle
a woman with a bump hairstyle
To do this, take the front section of your hair, roll it and then secure it near the crown using snap clips. Then comb the rest of the hair down. This is a sleek look. Wear linear metal earrings to complement this style.
How to Make a Gibson Tuck
a woman with a gibson tuck
Tie a loose pony tail, make a loop in the upper section, and tuck the tail in. Pull down the tail till the knot is tight. You have a tail remaining. Tuck and pull down again. Continue this till all the hair is tucked in, secure it with pins. There, you have yourself a Gibson Tuck. A smart and classy look for work and parties.
Try on some curls
a woman with short curly hair
To create some fun, semi-formal styles, try styling your hair in waves. For creating soft body curls on damp hair, apply a hair curling serum of stronghold, or use a sea salt spray, then scrunch your hair and let them dry naturally. You will get beautiful soft body curls. Then scoop the top half, and create a bun out of it, and if it is not possible, make a ponytail. Then take out strands from sides to soften the look, wear some pretty dangling earrings with this style.
French braids
a woman with french braids
Another pretty way to style short hair is to create side French braids. If you have very short hair, then consider this idea. Simply side part your hair and on the lesser side of the parting, create two small side French braids and secure them at the back of the head with clips. This will give you a fresh hairstyle which will also look elegant for a party.
A Smart Ponytail
a girl with a smart ponytail
A smart ponytail can give you a crisp look for that important presentation at work. It's easy to do and maintain. Damp your hair and brush it thoroughly, then divide it by gathering it at the nape of your neck and braid them into a ponytail. Make sure to fix it firmly so that the crown hair is not loose. Seal the look with a hair spray.
Hairstyles for Medium Hair
The Messy Bun
a woman with a messy bun
Medium hair being very versatile, you can try out various updos for style. A messy bun is quite popular, and looks befitting for an office party. To do this, scoop all your hair back and secure them into a low bun near the nape of the neck. To get the messy look, take out hair strands from the sides and near the nape of the neck. Wear big hoop earrings to accessorize.
A Fancy Yet Formal Look
a woman with a one side straight pony
Wish to try some different hairstyle? Then try this. Simply style your hair in waves, and then form a side ponytail with it. Place the ponytail on one shoulder. A strapless gown looks great with this style. To accessorize this style, get a braided headband, of a color that matches with your base hair color. This will make the style look even more interesting.
A Half Updo
a girl with a half updo hairstyle
With medium length hair you can create half updos. For this, simply style your hair wavy. Then take the top half of the hair and style it into a bun and fix it with clips. Then let remaining hair down and keep few strands over the shoulder for a classy look. You can tuck a tiny flower behind your ear with a clip to look even prettier.
A Chignon Bun
a girl with a Chignon Bun
The simple and stylish chignon is apt at the workplace as well as in day-to-day life. Here's a guide to do it. Do a center parting at the crown and lose the hair down behind your ears, gather them at the nape of your neck and start coiling it. When done, place your finger at the back of the head and coil the tail around the finger to make a bun. Pull the tail out from the center to tighten the bun. You can make the bun more voluminous if you wish.
Keep them down
a girl with a straight and simple hairstyle
One of the many benefits of medium hair is that you can let them down. Easy and simple. You can modify it by keeping gentle wave, or do a half bun.
Hairstyles for Long Hair
A Sharp Ponytail
a girl with long sharp ponytail
Brush your hair until there are no tangles left and they look sleek. Gather the hair at the nape of your neck, braid them into a ponytail and fix them with a pin. Then brush the crown hair and the remaining hair for a sleek look. You can alter the length of the ponytail and see what best suits your face.
A French Twist
a woman with a french twist hairstyle
Make three sections of the hair right from the top of your forehead to the end of the crown, each section about 3 inches wide. Straighten them and lay them down in front. Twist the remaining hair like making a bun and then tuck in the three sections in the twist. Tuck in any remaining strands under the twist. Fix it with a pin and give the final touch with a hair spray.
Braided Updos
a girl with a braided updo hairstyle
To create a gorgeous hairstyle for long hair, consider braided updos. Side part your hair, and create mini French braids on both sides of the parting and take them back, to join the back hair. Then comb the back hair and secure them into a bun by rolling the hair. Use lots of hairpins, and a good rubber band to secure the bun. To accessorize, consider wearing an oriental or floral hair stick in the bun.
Curly Updos
a girl with a curly updo hairstyle
If you have really thick hair, then you can go with some unusual styles. Get your hair styled into cornrows. Then pile them neatly near the crown to form a bun and fix it with clips. This style will look very unique at a party. Accompany this updo with big earrings.
A Retro Wave
a girl with long hairs and retro wave
Long hair done into a retro wave can be perfect at the workplace. Here's how it is done. Separate the hair into three sections starting from the top to the bottom. The lower part can be left out. Curl the upper two sections with the help of a curling iron. Keep in mind the curls need to be in one direction, each resembling the other. For the bottom section lightly curl them, keeping the curling iron time for short duration. Brush the hair lightly and set it with a hair spray.
Make sure you accessorize your hairstyle. There are many hair accessories to choose from such as colorful or floral rubber bands, hair sticks, hair pins, hair clips, etc. Also, dangling earrings look great with formal hairstyles. After you have styled the formal hairdo, apply hairspray to hold the style for longer.