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Attractive Flattop Haircut Ideas That Actually Look Cool

Flattop Haircut Ideas
Flat on the top and crew around the sides and back. This is how a typical flattop hairstyle would look. However, there are a number of variations of this classic military hairstyle. HairGlamourista gives you some great flattop haircut ideas that you are sure to love.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Quick Tip
For achieving flattop haircuts, you need a special flattopper comb with a special bubble level that helps you cut the hair at the same length. Clippers are used to trim the sides and back.
Like your clothes and shoes, your haircut definitely makes a statement. A flattop haircut is a type of crew cut where the hair on the top of the head is cut to form a horizontal frame, while the rest of the hair is clipper cut. This hairstyle definitely spells power and control. No wonder, this low-maintenance hairstyle is so popular among sportsmen, athletes, and those in the military. This haircut was really popular in the 1950s and '60s when many sports stars and other icons were seen sporting this style. Remember Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago, the ultimate Russian boxer in Rocky IV? And Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump? Both sported a flattop haircut.

This style is all about uniformity and symmetry. The hair along the sides of the head is clipped extremely short, while the top is sculpted and contoured to achieve a squarish, boxed haircut. The desired length of the flattop can vary, with some people wanting length to work with on top, while others preferring a super-short style with skin showing through. Hair control wax, such as butch wax, and a comb is used to maintain the flat plane on top of the head. In this HairGlamourista article, we look at the different styles and pictures of flattop haircuts.
Flattop Hairstyles for Men
Classic Low Flattop
Classic flat top haircut
The classic flattop features vertical sides and a flattop. The hair at the top stands up and gives a very flat appearance to the top of the head. The flattop is tapered to a #1 blade on the sides and back. Unless you want to look like Johnny Bravo or the evil Russian in Rambo, choose a low flattop, with the top just long enough to provide full scalp coverage, quite similar to baseball great Roger Maris. The extra length on top gives this short haircut a stylish finish. However, it is important to note that classic flattop haircuts work only with straight and manageable hair.
Military Style Flattop
Military style flat top
The military style differs from the classic cut, wherein, hair on the sides and back is extremely short, either clipped almost to the skin, or shaved with a razor all the way up to the crown of the head. It is almost like the high and tight haircut worn commonly in the military with a slight and not-so-pronounced flattop.
Flattop with a Fade Effect
Low fade flat top
A fade is an extreme type of taper, where the hair on the sides and back is cut very close to the head, and then tapered upward. This is often combined with a low or an exaggerated high flattop. While the high top fade may look good on celebrities and basketball stars, this style can be hard to maintain. Often, people choose a more subtle version with a low flattop and faded sides.
Flattop with Rounded Corners
Flat top with shaved sides
Usually in flattop haircuts, the sides are straight up, and this lends a square appearance to the cut. However, if you do not want a boxy appearance, then opt for a flattop with rounded corners. The hair is contoured towards the top of the head to give a curved appearance. If the hair on the sides is left long, then the hairstyle is known as flattop with fenders.
Flattop with Mullet
Flat top with mullet
The mullet is a hairstyle which is short at the front and sides, and longer at the back. You can combine this "short on top, long at back" hairstyle with a flattop.
Flattop Hairstyles for Women
While the severity of a flattop haircut works for men, it can be difficult for women to carry off this style with ease. Softer variations with a bit of fringe or spikes work better for women.
Classic Flattop
Classic flat top for women
A style that is severe like a crew cut, but with a little more flair, thanks to the length of the hair in the middle. Like men, the classic flattop features hair that is tapered short around the sides and back, while leaving the hair on the top standing up straight. At the crown, the hair is cut shorter to compensate with the natural arch in the head for a flat look. Styling gel is then applied all over the hair, and is flicked up to make them stand straight. A light-hold hairspray prevents flyaway hair. Using a hairdryer with medium heat secures the look in case the hair is wet.
Flattop with Length
Long flat top women
You want to experiment and opt for a daring hairstyle, then adding length at the top and rounding the edges lends a feminine touch to the severe flattop. This look works great for African-American women with naturally curly hair. Instead of an Afro, they can opt for a sky-high flattop.
Flattop with Spikes
Flat top with spikes
You can get a flattop, without having to cut your hair short. Just keep the hair around the sides and back short, and maintain the length on the top. Create spikes so that your hair stands up and gives a "boxed look". It may not be an actual flattop, but the spikes give the flattop look.
A flattop haircut can be pretty easy to maintain. It is definitely a wash and go look. Moreover, for maintaining it, all you need to do is shape the top, and trim the edges with an electric razor, every few weeks. This will make a great flattop haircut look sharp and cared for.