Tips on How to Manage and Style Fine Curly Hair the Right Way

Fine Curly Hair
Fine curly hair is one of the favorite textures of hairstylists. It can be styled and cut to give a number of different looks. The following article will answer all queries regarding fine and curly hair.
Curly hair is both a bane and boon for the few lucky ones who are endowed with it. It is very difficult to manage this type of hair, as too much heavy sticky products will cause the hair to get frizzy and lose definition. If you are one of the naturally gifted person with this challenging, yet most versatile, texture, then read on the following tips.


Fine and curly hair, also known as fine wavy hair, can easily be straightened, set into tight curls, loose curls, scrunched into shape, etc. The casual type of body and volume of curly hair cannot be matched with straight hair types. So, when you curl your fine wavy hair, they will hold on for a longer time as compared to straight hair.

It is advised that you should not go for long hairstyles, as the curls are pulled out, which makes the hair look even finer. So, you can choose a haircut that is cut longer at the top and shorter at the perimeter. You can opt for coloring, as it helps to roughen up the cuticle and add shine to your hair. Coloring also makes your hair look fuller. You should opt for darker shades instead of lighter ones as a part of care regimen.

You can wash your mane as often as you want to prevent buildup and plump up at the cuticle, as opposed to the thick curly hair types. The hair care is generally put in the normal hair range. If you are too active, your hair may be oily and you can wash it with a volumizing shampoo or one designed for oily hair. If your hair tends to be dry, you can wash them daily or wash with a shampoo for normal hair every alternate day. But, you should condition your tresses using lighter conditioners. To prevent the curls from drying, apply very little hydrating cream. You should apply the conditioner at the ends of your hairstrands and work your way up. You can even use a leave-in conditioner that will help protect your hair from sun and heat. Make sure you apply only a little quantity of leave-in conditioner, as it may weigh your hair down.


Fine and curly hair tends to make you frustrated, as it is confusing as to which hairstyle suits you. There are many hairstyles for fine hair that you can choose from that will make your hair look stylish and improve its natural volume and bounce.
  • Layered Hairstyles:
    The best way to take advantage of your natural waves is a layered haircut. You can let your hair length remain either long, medium, or short, as it is very easy to manage this type of hair. You can go in for highlights, as it will help add depth to your hair. Layered hairstyles suit all face types, so visit a hairstylist who is an expert with long layered haircuts to chop your hair in a way that suits your face.
  • Blunt Cut:
    Your hair will look wonderful in a blunt cut. The ends should be cut to the same length and layered around the face frame to make it look more attractive.
  • Waves:
    You can add some extra waves to your hair for extra volume. You can use products that protect your hair from heat before using the styling iron.
  • Bob Cut:
    The classic bob cut is everyone's favorite hairstyle. People with such hair can maintain the bob hairstyle for a longer duration with a basic care routine. You may need to use a flat-iron or curling iron to curl your tresses inward. This is a trendy, minimal hair care hairstyle.
A woman has plenty of options to choose from a range of hairstyles. You can choose a variety of short haircuts for fine hair. Speak to your stylist and select a haircut that suit your personality and face shape. Fine curly hair will not get unmanageable and messier like coarser, kinky, curly hair. You have a lot of options to get creative, and add more fullness, volume, and style. All you need is to take care so that your hair becomes more manageable and playable. Feel lucky as you can have the best of both worlds, the straight and curly hair, with your fine wavy hair.
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