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Evening Hairstyles

There are various options of evening formal hairstyles. Here, are some tips and ideas that will help you select the right one according to the occasion.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2018
An evening hairstyle depends on two important factors. First one is the occasion or the party you are going to. Second is the kind of dress you are wearing―is it an elegant evening gown or a romantic dress?
For a wedding, one needs a more elegant and romantic looking hairstyle. For a formal party, go with a sophisticated updo. If it is a prom, then you can go with open hair or an updo with pretty accessories, so that it matches with a stunning dress. If you are going for a get-together of friends, then a simple bun with a few loose strands will also look good.
For Short Hair
If you have short hair, then the best way to create a beautiful evening hairstyle is to use a curling iron, make your hair wavy, and tie some hair behind. Let a few strands loose at the sides. Use beautiful accessories, like a flower design pin near your ear.
Beautiful Hairstyle
If you have slightly longer hair which comes till the middle of your neck, then you can consider a half updo or bun updo to create a softer, graceful look.
Messy Hairstyle
Comb your hair back, and then make a ponytail.
Secure the rest of the ponytail at the base with hair pins. Take out some side hair bangs from the front or a few strands from the sides to soften your look.
For Medium Hair
You can go with wavy hairstyles, you can try half updos, you can leave all your hair open and use some elegant accessories, or go with formal updos.
If you have straight hair, then try middle parting your hair and making French braids on the sides, secure them at the back with hair pins, and leave the rest of the hair open.You can also simply style your hair wavy, side part your hair, take two strands from the side and secure them behind your head loosely.
Elegant Hairstyle
Beautiful Updo
Unique Evening Hairstyle
Stylish Hairstyle
French Braid
For Long Hair
Long hair will give an even more beautiful look, and can be either styled nicely and left open, or tied at the nape of the neck in a soft romantic-looking updo.
If you want to go for a simple evening hairstyle, then comb all your hair and secure it near the nape of the neck in a bun. Then take out some loose hair strands from the sides. To make this style look even more sophisticated, use hair accessories like pretty pins.
Woman At Salon With Curling Iron
You can also curl all your hair with a curling iron, side part it and leave some side bangs open, and secure the rest of the back hair on one side of the shoulder for a beautiful different look.
Unique Evening Hairstyle
Whenever you are going for any evening event, secure your hair well using rubber bands and hair pins. Importantly, to secure an updo or braid style, make sure you use a hairspray so that your hair remain in place. All occasions do not need hair accessories, so either use a simple accessory for a formal evening party or go with a tiara if it is wedding.