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European Hair Extensions

Why European Hair Extensions are the Most Sought After Ones

'Hair extension' means artificially adding hair to your existing hair for trying out different looks. There are many types of hair extensions in the market. This article gives information about European hair extensions.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Hair extensions are the new rage among fashionistas, because they offer a chance to experiment with looks. There is a variety of myriad hues and lengths available in the market today. This industry is growing manifold and the manufacturers are using natural hair from different countries to serve the demands of their clients. Of these, European hair extensions are preferred by people due to the inherent good quality. They are endowed with the following features:
  • Good hair texture
  • Natural luster
  • Available in a variety of shades and lengths
  • Available in a variety of styles (straight, permed, long locks, and curly)
  • Strong and good quality hair

These hair extensions are available in all the contemporary styles. Given below are some types you can choose from.

Clip In: Clip in hair extensions is one of the safest methods. It is a good option for women who love to change their look everyday. It is also known as a do-it-yourself method, as you do not need your stylist for the hairdo. The extensions can be easily put on and taken off. You can sport these every day, but make sure you remove them before going to bed.

Bonding: This method gives a more permanent look, but is also risky, which is why you should get it done from a professional hairstylist. The procedure involves sectioning your hair and plaiting the extensions to it. To secure them in place, the extensions are painted with a chemical solution. They last for as long as four months and save you the everyday task of putting them on and taking them off.

Glue In: This procedure takes the longest amount of time. In this method, various cosmetic tools are used to form the smooth bond between your own hair and the hair extensions. According to experts, these extensions cause a lot of damage to your hair if not fixed by an established hairstylist.

Apart from this, you can also go for cold fusion hair extensions, which is one of the latest trends. It is advisable to talk to your stylist before you select any of the types mentioned above.

How to Buy These Extensions

You can buy these extensions from a local market, but it is better to consult your stylist first. If possible, ask your stylist to buy it for you. Being in the field, they have a better idea about the quality and can provide some useful tips on caring for the extensions. However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind before you buy them.
  • Buy it from a reputed, standard, and authentic cosmetic shop
  • Check if the shade is natural, or tinted with artificial colors
  • Check if it is a natural or synthetic fake extension. Always go in for natural ones
The reason for taking the above precautions is that many hair extension manufacturers cheat their clients by selling extensions made from Chinese or Asian hair. European hair extensions are relatively expensive, so if you are paying for them you deserve the genuine ones. There is a lot of confusion over Russian vs European hair, so it is better to sort that out first. You can go through various websites that allow you an access to manufacturers and provide you with their contact details too. Costs depend on the type, length, shade of the extension, and also the stylist.

Apart from this, you also must be aware of the pros and cons of hair extensions so that you can make a proper decision.
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