Snappy and Wacky Emo Haircuts for Girls

Snappy and Wacky Emo Haircuts for Girls
The emo style has gained popularity and crossed the punk fashion borders to enter the mainstream fashion world. Emo haircuts for girls have become a favorite among teenagers and young women wanting to change their look.
The roots of emo hairstyle lie in the '80's style of punk music, known as emocore'. The music itself was characterized by punk rock music, and was accompanied with emotional, expressive lyrics.

The term 'emo' is derived from the word 'emotional', and is a hairstyle adopted by teenagers and youth to express their edgy, emotional frame of mind. Most emo artists sported a distinct style of their own, which was also followed by their fans.

Although it has seen a lot of changes over the years, the emo hairstyle has remained popular among many youngsters and fashion celebrities. These hairstyles, unlike the rebellious expression of scene haircuts, actually seek to convey an outward expression of the creativity and individuality of young people.

Some of the characteristic elements of this style include long fringes or bangs, swept sideways across the face, and the use of bold highlights that is in contrast to the traditional deep black hair color.

The razor-straight hair is usually cut along asymmetrical lines in angular or pointy shapes. This creates shattered, jagged edges, and a pointy look. Ideally, the hair should be poker straight, and this can be achieved using hair straightening tools. It is then cut using a razor or texturizing pair of scissors. Hair sprays and gels are used to tease the hair up, so that it creates the appearance of more volume. Here are some fab emo haircuts for girls.

Short Emo Haircuts

Short emo haircuts are popular among girls because of their manageability and versatility. Most of these hairstyles feature layers of varying lengths or sleek shags that are cut close to the head and parted on one side.


Pixie Haircut

A pixie cut with long bangs swept across the face is a great emo look for all face shapes. This emo haircut works wonders on women with fine features, by drawing attention to the facial features and enhancing them. The trick is to keep the hair short at the back and long bangs in the front. If you want the short bangs, then keep it about 2 inches long. Choppy bangs or spiky hair in front can also work well with this hairstyle. To get this look, blow dry your hair and use some texturizing hairspray to shape your bangs. If you have curly or wavy hair, then use a hot iron to straighten the hair, before styling it. Radiant hair highlights add a touch of fun and quirkiness to this great hairstyle.


Emo Bob Haircut

Bob hairstyles have always remained popular, with many women opting for this style. It transforms the face from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. The emo bob haircut is an interesting variation of the classic bob hairstyle which features a bob-like one length cut all around. The hair is cut into choppy layers and highlighted with bold colors like purple, red and pink. Another emo bob haircut that looks really good is the multi-colored jagged cut. Stacked high at the back of the head, this haircut consists of jagged, choppy layers, that reach the front of the face. Keeping your bob haircut razor straight enhances the hairstyle. If you have slightly wavy hair, then a pair of thinning scissors can ensure that the hair lies flat on your face. Stylists also advise adding highlights to the short haircut, as it creates an impression of healthy and shiny locks.


Emo Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk hairstyles are characterized by long top sections and trimmed sides. Unlike a traditional Mohawk with shaved sides, a modified Emo Mohawk can feature a shorter spiky fin in the center and trimmed sides. You can style your short hair into an Emo Mohawk by applying gel and pulling up the hair into a fin-like shape on the top of your head. You can add highlights to the hair or shave off the sides to create a funky short emo hairstyle. Some girls prefer to keep the center of the hair longer than the sides, and simply leave it flat against the head instead of adding the spiky fin to it. The hair is then pulled towards the forehead.

Reverse Mullet Haircut

One of the most popular ways of getting an emo haircut, reverse mullet style, includes long bangs in the front, and extremely short, spiked hair at the back. The long bangs are styled so that they swoop to one side and often cover one of the eyes. Unlike a regular mullet, which is long at the back and short in the front, a reverse mullet, also known as the tellum, is a short emo hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Usually, in this hairstyle the back of the hair is dyed a different color than the front.

Medium Emo Haircuts

Medium length emo haircuts are done by straightening the hair and then adding layers on top, with the sides swept back.



Heavy uneven fringes covering the forehead or extending up to the cheeks can create a cool emo look. The fringes can be styled to one side or colored to create an interesting look. If you have extremely long fringes, then cut them into spikes. It is important to keep in mind that if you are sporting fringes, then your hair must be poker-straight. Unlike other complex emo hairstyles, fringes can be cut easily at home itself. To get this look, wet your hair and comb the front section of the hair to cover your forehead. Cut the section of hair at a sharp angle. You can place a finger while cutting the hair. If you want your fringes to be spiked, then use a hair gel and spike the hair, or set it at an angle to one side of your face. Color or highlight the fringes.

Razor Cut

Razor Cut

Popular among many celebrities like Meg Ryan for the wispy effect, the razor cut is a popular emo haircut, wherein sharp razors are used to chop and slice the hair. It features uneven layers of chopped hair along the sides. The stylist holds the hair at an angle and slices down the shaft. The sharp and straight layers are thin at the bottom, and cut unevenly to give a pointy edge. The crown has dense, voluminous hair, that has been teased up. To do this, use a rat tail comb and back comb your hair. The uneven layers are highlighted with bold colors. Have fun by adding accessories like bows, cute headbands, and tiaras to the hairstyle. It is important to keep in mind that razor cuts work best for straight hair. Curly hair can become frizzy when a razor cut is done. Razor cuts also require a lot more maintenance, so keep that in mind when opting for this style.

Long Emo Haircuts

Long Side Bangs

Long Side Bangs

An advantage with long hair is that it can be styled in different ways. To create an edgy punk haircut with long hair, opt for long side bangs along the sides. These long bangs are either dyed blond or highlighted with some interesting colors like purple and pink. The coontail hairstyle, where the long side bangs are alternately dyed with different bands of colors to resemble the tail of a raccoon, is also quite popular. Sections of the hair are striped with one or several bold colors. You can cut the hair short on the crown and pull it up using a gel, or just style it to the sides.

Scene Mullet

Scene Mullet

The scene mullet is ideal for long, thick hair, wherein the hair is kept long at the back of the head and cut short in the front. The mullet, for years, has been a typical masculine haircut. However, over the years, this hairstyle has undergone a vast change. Hairstylists have given this cut a feminine edge by adding long layers or fringes upfront. Combining it with the shag hairstyle, adding a coif on top of the head, or cutting the front portion into short choppy layers to frame the face, are some other interesting variations of this haircut. One of the benefits of sporting this style is that you can have a range of color options for your hair. It gives a lot of scope for lowlights and highlights to the hair. Coloring the fringes or layers, a bright pink or purple, adds an interesting twist to this hairstyle. For a dramatic look, opt for multi-tonal highlights and colorful hair extensions that add volume.

Colors for Emo Haircuts

Once you have zeroed in on the emo haircut that suits your face and personality, it is time to pick up the right hair color for the emos. There are many hair coloring ideas that suit emo hairstyles for girls. Usually, bright, bold highlights or light blond highlights are used with the hairstyle. Some people prefer to color the bangs, in order to contrast the deep-black traditional color of an emo hairstyle. Other popular colors are deep red, chocolate brown, electric purple, silver, green, or streaks of pink that are used maximally to accentuate the sharp edges of the hairstyle. You can also clip in hair extensions of varying lengths and colors for bolder color options.

Although these haircuts may look really cool, remember that styling them on a regular basis can be a real task, and also getting back to the conservative look can take quite some time. Some people are highly critical of these hairstyles. Studies by the Optometrists Association of Tasmania have shown that people whose eyes are covered with a long fringe all the time can suffer from amblyopia. Also known as the lazy eye, this condition is caused by obstructed vision, leading to the loss of the eye's ability to see details. So, choose your emo style carefully and consult a stylist if you can. If you are one of those funky girls who want a fabulous hairstyle without looking like you have spent hours in front of the mirror, then an emo haircut can work wonders for you.