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Amazingly Easy Updos for Long Hair

Pragya T Oct 28, 2018
The best thing about long hair is that you can style it in various ways, the bad thing about them is that they are difficult to manage and maintain. So with beautiful updos you can easily manage your tresses.
Updos are classic hairstyles and they are good for many occasions. If you don't have time to wash your hair, then just style a messy bun. If you are having a bad hair day, and the hair is so frizzy it is sticking up on your head like a cloud then just roll it at the back of your head in a French bun.
But, if you wish to look sophisticated and elegant for a party then a nice half do will be perfect. Half dos are easy to create and look pretty and elegant.

Try a simple top knot

Comb your hair back, and tie a high ponytail.

Then divide the ponytail into two equal sections. You can create more sections for a more intricate-looking top knot if you have the time.

Then at the base of the ponytail start wrapping the hair sections one-by-one.

Once you are done wrapping all the hair, secure the style with hairpins.
If you have time, then to make your top knot look more beautiful use this tip. Start French braiding your hair from the nape of the neck till crown, then collect the hair at the top of the head and create a ponytail and then a top knot. If you have lowlights or highlights in the hair then this style looks especially good.

Pretty Half Updos for Weddings

Curl you hair with a curling iron or using a sea salt spray.

Then comb the hair with your fingers.

Side part the hair, and create a bump style in the front.

To create a bump simply lift the front section of hair and back comb it, and then pin it down with a headband.

Then lift the rest of the hair and position it over one shoulder.
When creating wedding hairstyles make sure you use the right accessories, as accessories add a lot of style to the hairdo.

Dangling earrings especially look good with such hairstyles. You can also use a headband which has tiny pearls, diamonds, or flowers on it.

Simple Messy Curly Do

If you have very curly hair then here is a simple messy bun hairstyle option for you.

Comb your hair back with a wide-tooth comb.

Then gather it all at the top of your head.

Tie it in a messy bun.

Make sure you let many tendrils of your hair out to create the messy look.

Secure the bun at the base with hairpins.

The Double Bun Hairdo

Apply serum to the hair and comb it back.

Now, part the hair into equal halves and pin them down.

Take the small tail and wrap it around into a small bun on each end of head, and secure it with pins.

Easy to Style Flapper Updo

Pin curl your hair. For this you will need to roll a section of hair around your finger, then take it off the finger, and pin it down flat on the head. This way, work with the rest of the hair.

Dry the hair with a blow dryer and then carefully take off the pins, and you will have beautiful pin curls.
Side part your hair and keep few sections on the sides and gather the rest near the nape of the neck.

Pull the hair in a ponytail halfway through and secure the style at the base of the ponytail with pins.

Use the appropriate hair accessories with this style like a feather pin. Tuck the pin on one side of the head or near the base of the bun.

Stylish Braided Headband and Updo

Comb your hair and divide it in three sections.

Take a small section of the hair behind the right ear and keep it away.

Then gather all the hair back and divide it into halves. The top-half should be styled into a bump in front of the head. Take this hair section and hold it up. Back comb the section behind this chunk of hair and apply a volumizing spray.
Now, combine this section with the back section and tie it a simple high bun. Secure it with pins.

Take the hair section behind

Now, wrap the braid on the crown and secure it at the back of the left ear with pins.

If you want, instead of creating an English braid you can create a French braid headband and then create the updo.

Sock Bun to Volumize your Hair

Comb your hair and tie a ponytail. You can place the ponytail at the crown or at the nape of the neck, depending on where you want the bun to be.

Take a sock and cut out the toe end of it, and roll the sock inside till it shapes like a donut.

Hold the ponytail up, and slide the donut-shaped sock inside the pony, say about 4 inches from top.
Now roll the hair ends inside the sock. This way keep rolling the sock near the base of the ponytail, while simultaneously tucking the hair inside the sock.

Once you reach the ponytail base, secure the bun with hairpins. Voila! Your big bun is ready.

If you want you can take out few strands from the sides, and curl them with an iron to soften the look.
These were the various updos for long hair. Once you are done with your updo apply good amount of hairspray. This will help to hold your style better and for a long time. Enjoy!