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Easy Hairstyles for School

Easy Hairstyles for School That Would Give the Perfect Look

School is not just about studying, it's also about making a good impression. And other than clothes, hairstyles play a crucial role in getting a gorgeous look. Don't worry, one needn't spend a lot of time to get some neat hairdos. Here are some easy hairstyles for school girls to try.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018
Getting your kid ready for school is definitely a task. While boys really don't take much time in getting ready once they wake up, grooming girls is quite time-consuming. And we're not talking about the clothes, we are emphasizing on their hairstyle!
Happy Little Girl On Meadow
Most of us would love our little princess to have beautiful long hair, carrying it off as gracefully as possible.
Girl With Beautiful Hairstyle
However, considering the time and effort it takes to groom her long hair, especially while running on a tight schedule, most of us let the scissors take over, unwillingly chopping off her hair to a shorter length so that it becomes easy to manage.
What if we give you easy ideas to groom her hair, so that she can get ready in a jiffy and have long hair at the same time? Yes, it is possible. The following hairstyles are for little girls to give them a perfect and presentable appearance in their class.
Single Ponytail
Single Ponytail
A ponytail is always in vogue. Especially for school girls, it's never out of fashion. Brush the hair properly, hold it all together at the nape, and secure it with an elastic band. It's done! You can also opt for a high ponytail that looks extremely stylish.
At the same time, it will also keep your princess cool in the summers. Finish by moving a comb through the free hair to have a tidy and smooth look. If she has bangs, let them lose, or secure them with bobby pins or clips.
Two Ponytails
Two Ponytails
School girls look very cute in this hairstyle.
You can make a front center partition or side partition while tying the ponytails. Also, you can have high ponytails or normal lower ponytails. Remember to see that both the ponytails have equal volume of hair. For those with frizzy hair, this is one of the most cutest hairstyles to opt for.
Half Ponytail
half ponytail on curly hair
This is another way of tying a ponytail and an easy one too!
Beginning from the hairline, comb the hair backwards, leaving the lower hair aside. Make a half ponytail and secure it with a ribbon/elastic band. This looks awesome on curly hair. Your little girl can have manageable hair that doesn't fall over the face, and at the same time, have free locks at the back giving her a cute-yet-stylish look.
Frontal Braids or Twists
Hairstyle for little girls with a bow clip
You can braid or twist the front broad strands of hair, one on each side. You can use a bow clip to secure these strands at the back to prevent them from opening. This will keep the front hair from falling on her face and also add to her cuteness.
Partial Side Braid
Little girl with a partial braid
Fairly simple to do really, all you need to do is to part her hair from the middle, dividing it equally on both sides. If you want, you can also do a side partition. Take a portion of hair from one side―either left or right―and make a braid. Secure it with an elastic band, and she's ready!
Hair Accessories
Little girl with a hair clip
It wouldn't be wrong to say that the readily available accessories in the market have helped do half the job.
In case of real emergency, all you can do is brush her hair and just add a clip on the sides, of a color that matches her outfit. You can opt for funky clips or barrettes that can be used to keep the short front bangs intact. In case of thin hair, opt for barrettes. For thick hair, you can use alligator clips.
little girl wearing hair band
Hair bands of various styles and materials can be used to keep her hair from falling on the forehead.
Girl With Ponytails
Ponytails can be tied using cute elastic bands that come in varied colors and designs.
We are sure that with so many easy hairstyles mentioned, you wouldn't panic when there is no time and you need to get her ready for school.