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Different Ways to Wear a Headband

Different Ways to Wear a Headband

A headband is a very functional yet trendy accessory, isn't it? Stylish, and at the same time, depending on the type and the way you wear it, this accessory can give you an altogether new look! Find out the different ways to wear a headband in this article.
Gauri Huddar
Back in the day, headbands were a utility item. Little girls wore them to school to keep the hair off their faces while they studied and played. Things have changed since then. While little girls still use them, now, women of all ages are comfortable making a statement with a headband and style of their own.

Over the years, this simple piece of cloth has undergone a transformation and has now evolved into a fashion accessory! The kind of headband that you wear, and the way you wear it, can make or break your overall outfit. It is a self-sufficient accessory that can be worn without any other adornments, but will definitely ooze glamor when fitted with pretty adornments.

A suitable headband worn in the right manner can add that sparkle to any outfit, and transform it from glum to glam. In keeping with that, you now have so many varieties of headbands, in so many various materials, styles and colors, your mind will boggle!

Sporty, hippie, retro, girlie, whacky, and so on... All these looks, just by changing the way you wear one accessory! Cool, eh? Here are a few ways to wear a headband, and sport a new look every other day.
The Retro Look
Retro Look
The retro look is one that will keep coming back in fashion, time and again. Wearing the band across your hairline, or wearing a delicate band with a bun on top of your head, like the pictures shown alongside, will give you a perfect retro look. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Perry, Olivia Wilde, Drew Barrymore, etc., all have sported retro headbands and got them back in fashion. And they made them look hot! Retro headbands can be quite elaborate, or just plain, and you can pick a few and team them up with appropriate outfits, to get the perfect look. A little volume to your hair at the top, will do the trick and cinch your perfect look. If you want to add a little flair to it, you get all sorts of attachments, like flowers, bows, and the like, to exaggerate your look. If you have long tresses, you can add a little drama by simply pulling the band back tightly, and letting the hair flow over your back. A simple hairstyle, which if done right, will make people look twice.
For Occasions
Occasions Look
There are headbands for almost every occasion you can think of, and for almost every look that you want to sport. The pictures shown alongside, show the 'happy birthday' headband, and the 'bumble bee' headband. They are perfect for dress up or fancy dress parties, at Halloween, for occasions, etc. You can have headbands of characters like Harry Potter, or your favorite book names crocheted on them, or you can sport a flower, peacock feathers, bunny ears, a lady bug look, and so on. You can get some really cute headbands for kids with huge flowers, or get pin-ups of their favorite cartoon characters on it. You can order special customized headbands made specially for your little girls, or yourself. The best way to add that extra touch to a specific outfit!
Bridal/ Vintage Type Headbands
Bridal Headbands
If you are dressing up for a wedding, but do not want to wear an actual tiara, then there is an equally pretty alternative for you. You can opt for a bridal or vintage headband. They are beautiful, and accessorized with pearls, diamonds, and other jewels. You can get it ordered as well, to suit your outfit, and if you find a brand that will make your designs for you, you can have one made to suit almost every outfit that you own! The vintage style ones go better with gowns or other dressy outfits, and you can get the right colored stones to match your bridal/ bridesmaid dress too. The pictures shown alongside, show a woman with a feather decked headband, and a bridesmaid with a very delicate pearl and diamond studded headband, which is perfect to wear with flowing gowns, and can double up as a piece of jewelry as well. You can make your own designs to match specific outfits, and wear them to parties, dinners, dates, etc...
The Sporty Look
Sporty Look
A wide, thick headband, worn on the forehead, covering the hairline, can give you a sporty and fun new look. This is a really functional way to wear a headband, and is very popular among sportswomen, since it keeps the hair out of their face, while still making them look stylish. Tennis players especially, love this style. Serena Williams has sported this type of headband during many matches, as has Martina Navratilova. You can team it up with jeans, shorts, short skirts, simple tees, as well as jackets and sweaters. You can either wear it around your hair, as shown in the leftmost picture, or simply at the nape of your neck. Both will look equally sporty, and will serve the purpose. If you think white is too stark, then you can wear colorful prints and show them off! Perfect for a day of beach volleyball, or for a day of cleaning up your attic.
Wide Headbands
Wide Headbands
Wide headbands are the perfect option for those who don't want to wear bandannas. They can be made to look classy and dressy, as well as tomboyish. Stretch them out as much as possible, and stick in a small flower for a little drama and to break the monotony and harshness. They are usually 3 inches wide, and manage to cover up a good portion of the top of your head. You will be amazed by the variety of colors, prints, designs and fabric they are available in. There is better chance of finding some really good variety online, more than in any store. They can be half headbands, those which end behind your ears, or the normal cloth bands which go all round your head. Both the pictures shown alongside are of cloth headbands, and the flower adds to the overall prettiness.
The Hippie Look
Hippie Look
The hippie look is really cool, and a headband across the forehead is the USP of this look. Be it wide or thin, the effect is as good. Team it up with a proper outfit that's casual and laid back, and one that reflects your personality. Combined with the wrong outfit, this type of headband may look ridiculous. It's better to leave your hair open, even if you have long tresses, to get the right look. Sport this style to look uber cool, like the lady with the aviators alongside, or a don't-mess-with-me look like the young girl next to her!
Some Other Styles
Classy Headband in white
Satin Headband
Vintage Headband
Headbands are an easy way to look stylish! Whichever type suits your fancy, go get one for yourself. Or, you could even try making headbands for yourself, and make as many creative pieces as you want.