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Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

Mamta Mule Oct 27, 2018
Red is a popular hair color, and can be seen sported by celebrities like Rihanna. Dark red hair colors like shades of auburn look amazing, and are great for fall.
Hair coloring is a good option if you want to get a quick makeover. While coloring hair, some opt to stick to the fashionable yet subtle look, and some like to look modish with the weird hair color shades.
Dark red is one such hair color, which many choose to experiment with. If you are one of those interested in adding dark red color to your hair, then here are some tips and ideas to help you wear the best look.

Choosing the Right Shade of Dark Red

If you have decided to get that 'dark red' on your hair then you have a lot of options within it. Check out the hair color chart to find out various shades of this color. If you have olive skin tone you can opt for brighter dark red color. Using dark red is one of the best hair color ideas for olive skin.
Even those with tanned skin can opt for dark red hair color. Dark red hair color with golden base, rich auburn hair color or mahogany color are best picks for those having medium to dark brown skin tone.
One of the basic hair coloring tips is to choose a color that will suit your complexion. Next, consider your natural hair color shade. Remember that each shade will have different results depending on your natural hair color.
Like dark coral-red and vermilion red are the shades of dark red which look best when used on entire hair and these also suit most of the skin tones. A well designed shade card often helps understand the resulting shade, according to various shades of natural hair colors.
Any shade of dark red looks perfect for short hairstyles.auburn hair color will result into a golden auburn when used on light blond and will give a warm coppery brown tone when used on dark brown hair color.

Adding Hot Red Highlights

  • Dark red is used in punk and short emo hairstyles.
  • If you are scared of going complete red, then you can start with dark red highlights. Yes, these look awesome and moreover suit almost any skin tone and hair color.
  • Dark red highlights can emphasize the front curls on natural black hair. One of the classy dark red hair color idea is to highlight blond hair with rich red shades.
  • Also, dark tomato red highlights mixed with blond highlights can look great together.
    Those having green, turquoise, golden brown, or hazel eyes, can definitely try out dark red highlights to beautify their locks.
  • Another option is coloring the entire hair in rich dark red and having blond highlights in them. This is sure to give an awesome look.
  • Red hair with blond highlights is a hot trend. One of the dark red hair color idea is to opt for the plum red color and mix it with dark brown to have dark plum red hair color which will give a classy look.
  • Try a blond and plum red combination and wear a bold look. Using plum red to highlight the bangs or making the razor haircuts fancy is a wonderful hair coloring idea.

Following the Aftercare Routine

When you choose to color the complete length of hair with dark red or just get a few dark red highlights, maintaining your hair is essential. Dull and faded red hair will flatten your looks.
Completely colored hair looks extremely unattractive after the color fades. A day before you color your hair, shampoo them and make sure you do not use a conditioner. After application of dark red hair color, wash it in lukewarm water and apply conditioner.
Use shampoo only after two days and use a conditioner after every wash for maintaining the color. Avoid heat styling and use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for colored hair. Using hair serum that protects hair from harsh sun-rays is essential after every wash.
Just like dark red hair color, the trend of low-lights in blond hair and getting some skinny highlights of dark shade are in this year. Apart from red hair color, you can also try some other fun hair colors like electric blue, deep purple, or platinum blonde.