Vintage-inspired Cute Updos That Work for Every Occasion

Cute Updos
Cute updos can work for many occasions such as prom nights, weddings, parties, or even at the workplace. Given in this article are different styles that you can use along with a few tips on how to make your hair stay in place for a longer period of time.
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Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Out of the many different types of hairstyles that enhance the beauty of a woman's face, cute updos are probably the simplest ones to make.
Updos are hairstyles wherein all or some of the hair is set on the crown or back of the head. Buns and updos are a great way of styling short or medium length hair. The main purpose of wearing updos is to make the hair look more voluminous and elegant. Therefore, women with thin hair can wear updos to hide their hair loss problem.
As updos look good mostly with short and medium hair, they may not seem appropriate in case you have long hair. Since they create volume over or behind the head, if long hair is used for making an updo, the style will look inappropriate according to the size of the face. As with regards to shorter or medium hair, the volume will be created appropriately when the hair is styled over or at the back.
For Short Hair
To hold your hair on the top; you will have to set it up with clips, hair bands, and other hair accessories. If you want an updo on short hair, but still want your hair to be long; hair extensions are the best accessories. Simply go to the beauty salon and ask the hairstylist to recommend a good hair extension that will go well with the updo.
For Medium Length Hair
Unlike short hair, there are many variations that can be made with updos on medium hair. In order to make these variations and patterns, you will have to use more hair accessories. If you have medium hair, you can experiment with updos with bangs. Medium hair updos really look good with straight and long bangs. A bun is also a good option that can be made on medium-length hair.
For Long Hair
If you have long hair, but anyway want to wear an updo, you will have to take some of your hair and then make a bun, with rest of the hair relaxed at the sides. You can even take some of the front hair and style them as fringes. A somewhat intricate style would be to make a French braid and turn it around along with the updo. For curly hair, you just have to place all the curls over the head to make a nice pattern.
Styling cute updos is just a matter of setting hair on or behind the head in a manner that you prefer. Therefore, you can do several different types of variations to the hair patterns using hair accessories. Use a good quality hairspray to keep your hair in place. Also, remember to condition your hair well before trying out any hairstyle, so that your hair does not get damaged due to the clips and pins used.
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