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Awesomely Cute Hairstyles for School Your Kid Will Want to Strut

Stephen Rampur Mar 14, 2019
For those thinking about cute hairstyles for school, there are many options that you can choose from. There are many cute braid hairstyles and cool haircuts that you can wear to school.
Little kids like to look smart and at the same time casual when they go to school. As they are not able to express their style with apparel due to school uniforms, the only styling option they can use is doing their hair.
There are some cute haircuts for schoolgirls and boys which you can use to make your children look cool, stylish, as well as smart. When it comes to dance hairdos, the dance director would suggest hairdos according to the dance type. In this case, everyday hairstyles may not be considered. You can make new, trendy hairstyles, just for the dance.

Simple Hairstyles for School

While choosing hairstyles for school, parents need to consider haircuts that do not hamper the kid's participation in activities. The hairdos also should not become messy by the end of the school day.
There are many types of such hairstyles for boys as well as girls, which are suitable for school. It is better to keep the hair short, as it is easier to keep short hair clean and neat.

Boys Hairstyles

Though boys try to enhance their looks by sporting classy hairstyles, most of these hairstyles might not be appropriate for everyday use and for school.
Most school going boys prefer to limit themselves to simple styles that are easy to maintain and look good as well.

Crew Cut

A crew hairdo is most appropriate for boys who participate in activities. This haircut remains in place and does not get pulled or fall in the eyes. Moreover, it does not even require styling and frequent washing. While this hairdo demands frequent visits to the hairdresser to keep the length maintained, it is otherwise a really simple look.

Spiked Hair

Boys are very particular about their looks, so along with their likes for style, parents also need to consider a hairdo which would be easier to maintain. One such kind of style is the short spiked cut. The length of the hair can vary to change the size of the spikes for getting a more personalized appearance.

Girls Hairstyles

Girls, on the other hand, have a vast array of hairstyles to choose from, most of them being practical styles for everyday use. Schoolgirls are usually more particular about their hairstyles and like to try different styles with their hair.


The pixie hairdo has become a kind of fashion nowadays.
This style is a perfect match for girls having extra fine hair, and is simple to style. Pixie style requires the top and crown part of the hair to be cut in a circular fashion to create uniform layers. It finally turns out to be a pixie-like look. You would just require a little amount of hairstyling gel for setting the hair correctly.

Bob Cut

Chin-length bob is a practical hairstyle for any hair or face type.
Straight bob with a fringe gives a good frame to the face. Bob cut is appropriate for all occasions but it's not so easy to maintain. You can take the hair behind using a headband, and tone down wild locks with a smoothing creme. This hairstyle is most suitable for curly hair.
There are variations that can be made to these simple haircuts. The choppy cut for girls is suitable for girls who are dynamic and participate in school activities. It is somewhat similar to a boy's crew cut, however, it has a feminine touch to it. It also does not get caught, or pulled, and does not hamper girls' participation in activities.
If you are thinking about curly hairstyles for girls; there are many alternatives like an Afro, twin ponytails, messy bun, etc. 
These are some of the very popular, cute hairstyles for schoolgirls and boys. You should just ensure that the hair does not fall on the face, hinder in school activities, and is not difficult to maintain.