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Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Chandramita Bora Oct 24, 2018
Long hair is always fashionable, stylish, and ideal for many elegant and pretty hairstyles, some of which are elaborated in this write-up.
No matter how many changes take place in hairstyles and haircuts, long hair is always gorgeous and glamorous. Whether sleek and straight, or lusciously wavy or curly, long hairstyles never go out of fashion. So, if you have long locks, then style them and sport them proudly.
If you are concerned about the styling part, then don't worry. Right from the simple ponytail and beautiful braids, to trendy layers and loose curls, you can style your long hair in a number of ways.
However, while choosing a particular hairstyle, you have to consider certain factors, like the shape of your face, hair type, volume and density of your hair, skin color, as well as your personality. Below here are some easy to do, simple and pretty long hairstyles for you.

Cute Hairstyles for Women


The simplest, yet one of the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair is perhaps the ponytail. Despite being quite an old hairstyle, it can look great, if made properly.
You can either gather your hair in a ponytail, positioned high at the back of your head, or at the base of the neck. If placed a few inches above the neck, with a few strands of hair left on the front and sides, it can look really cute.
Ponytails with straight bangs can also look pretty. Select a trendy ponytail holder to hold your hair properly. Elastic bands or scrunchies are perfect for holding your ponytail in place.

Side Ponytail

Side ponytail is another simple, yet appealing hairstyle for long hair.
For this hairstyle, you just need to create an off-center partition at the top and front, and then pull your hair to one side of your head, either left or right, and then secure it with a band or cute ponytail holder. Side ponytail hairstyles look amazing for other types of part and fringes as well.
If you want to hide the elastic band or any hair pin, then just take a section of your hair and pull it around the elastic band. To get a really trendy look, position your pony behind or in front of either ear and pull it over the shoulder. You can keep the pony straight, or curl it with a curling iron.

Long Loose Curls

This hairstyle can undoubtedly give you a very trendy look.
To get long loose curls, first you have to wash your hair, towel-dry it and then comb it. Now, spritz your hair with a volumizing hair spray, after which blow dry your hair and spray some heat protecting spray, to prevent your hair from burning.
The next step is to curl your hair. Usually, a large-barrel curling iron is preferred for creating loose curls and waves.
To create soft curls, divide your hair into two or three sections and secure them with a ponytail holder. Take one section at a time and curl it with a large-barrel curling iron.
Release the curls after 10 seconds (for tighter curls, hold longer than 10 seconds), let them cool, after which comb them softly with your fingers. Repeat the process for the other sections. Finally, you can set the curls with a hairspray, if you want to.

Long Layered Hairstyle

Layered haircuts look especially beautiful on long hair. There are different types of layered hairstyles to choose from. For long hair, place more layers to the front and not to the back.
Let the first layer be just below your chin, so that it can highlight and frame your face beautifully. Lowlights and highlights can further enhance the attractiveness of layered hair. Use a flat iron to make the layers straight.
Before straightening your hair, first wash it and then dry it with a towel. Now, apply some leave-in spray conditioner to your damp hair and brush it. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair. Pull your hair straight by using a hair brush, while blowing it dry. Now, divide your hair in 2 to 3 sections and straighten each section, using the flat iron.
Flip the ends of the layers inside, with the edge of the flat iron. Now, you can spray some hairspray on your super straight layered hair. If your hair is not straight, you can still don this hairstyle by using a straightening gel or cream, before using the flat iron.

Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles are some of the oldest hairstyles to be still practiced. There are several types of hair braiding styles, that have evolved to give your long hair a tidy and clean look.
The exotic French braid is perfect for giving a classic and gorgeous look.
The simple English braid, side braid, and even fishtail braid, can give you a stylish and chic look.

Hairstyles for Little Girls

Ponytail and Pigtails

A ponytail placed high on the head with straight bangs looks really beautiful on little girls with long hair.
You can pin the bangs on the top of the head and part the front tresses, letting them fall freely on the sides, to give your little girl a truly adorable look. Even braided ponytail can look really pretty on long hair.
You can also make a small ponytail with the hair on the top and sides, leaving the remaining hair loosely. Another hairstyle that can look fabulous on your little princess is pigtails.
To make pigtails, first part the hair down the middle, take one side of the parted hair, brush it properly, and then tie it. Repeat the process for the other side. You can place it high on the head, behind the ear, on the sides, or behind.
You can also braid the pigtails or just leave them smooth.

Front Side-Braid

Another cute hairstyle for girls with long hair, is a front side braid. For this hairstyle, create an off-center partition in front and then take a section of hair to weave the braid.
Secure the hair that will not be braided with a ponytail holder. You can weave a simple braid or go for the stylish French-braid. For weaving a simple braid, divide the hair to be braided into three sections.
Now, cross the left section over the middle section and then cross the right section over the middle section. Continue in this manner, till you get the desired length for the braid, after which secure it with a ponytail holder or bobby pin.
To make a French front side braid, take a small section of hair where the hair part begins and divide it into three equal sections. Now, cross the right section over the middle section, and then cross the left section in the same way.
Take a small section of hair on the right side, add it to the existing right-hand section, and then cross it over the middle section. In the same manner, take a small section of hair on the left side, add it to the existing left-hand section and then cross it over the middle section.
Continue in this way, by adding newer sections on the left and right side, and then crossing them over the middle section. Once you have finished braiding, secure the braid with an elastic band or other hair accessories of your choice.

Basic Bun

To make a simple bun, first you have to gather all the hair in a ponytail, placed where you want the bun to be. So, if you want a bun high on the crown, then place the ponytail there.
Now, secure the ponytail with an elastic ponytail holder and then twist it, until it becomes tight. Wrap the twisted ponytail around itself at the base, in a circle. Finally, tuck the end of the ponytail into the ponytail holder and secure the bun with the help of bobby pins.
You can keep the bun simple or adorn it with accessories, like ribbon or decorative bun cover, or rhinestones.
Long hair always requires additional care and protection, as compared to short hair. Trimming at regular intervals is very important for minimizing damages, like hair breakage and split ends. Trimming can help give your hair a clean and neat look, and make any hairstyle enticing.
Hair coloring with lowlights and highlights, is another effective way to make any type of hairstyle fashionable and alluring.
So, experiment with some cool haircuts, along with well-placed lowlights and highlights, to create a really cute look.