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Extremely Lovable and Cute Flower Girl Hairstyles for Little Girls

Cute Flower Girl Hairstyles for Little Girls
Flower girls are special, and so needs to be their hairdo. Get inspired by a hairstyle from the following post if you're planning to dress your little girl by yourself. Or use these as samples to show it to the professional stylist. We bet, these elegant flower girl hairstyles will make everyone go 'ooh' and 'aww' when she walks down the aisle.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Did You Know?
Flower girls carried bouquets of herbs and wheat sheaves that were believed to pour prosperity and fecundity for the newlyweds. However, today, in the U.S., these are replaced by flower petals.
We know it's a big day for the bride. But there's something really important on her side―popping a question to her cuter version―Will you be my flower girl? Yeah, the innocent girl leading the bride also plays a significant role. She's gonna signify the transition of the bride's juvenile years to a mature woman. So the number of eyes falling on the bride will also be peeping at the flower girl.
Traditionally, dressing a flower girl was limited to creating a mini replica of the bride. But with changing trends and traditions, a flower girl can wear anything she likes and feels comfortable in. She may choose to scatter flower petals and rosemary leaves, or she may choose to carry an ornate basket or a floral hoop. Or may be, she wants to walk in with confetti and bubble.
Today, we are focusing on the hairstyle. Let's look at some easy and elegant hairdos for flower girl.
Pretty Little Updo
girl with stylish bun
girl with updo hairstyle
Let 'em Loose; Adore with Headpiece
Crystal clip
curls with white headband
hair with laced headband
hair with white headpiece
curls with pink headpiece
Bob cut with flower wreath
colorful flower wreath
half up down hairdo blue headpiece
Braiding it up!
braided hairstyle
braid hairstyle
twisted braid hairdo
High-braids with loose curls
Mix-n-blend Ponytails
Ponytail and high braids
curls ponytail
Side ponytail
sleek hairdo
Find the Middle Ground―Half Up, Half Down
straight hairdo
Accentuating With a Flower
curls with orange flower
small ponytails with pink flower
Care Considerations
Keep things minimal. We don't want our little miss to get into a fuss. Pick a hairdo that is downright simple, or else you'll find her grappling with the bobby pins, leaving the ceremony aside.
Know her opinion. It's a special day for her as well. Show her magazine cutouts or online blogs about her hairstyle, if you're planning to get it done by a professional.
It's not just the hairstyle that could cause chaos. The length and the comfort of her dress matter as well. We don't want our girl to tumble down the aisle.
Make minimum use of bobby pins and other hair accessories. The braids need not be tight. If using a tiara or a flower crown, see that it fits her head and doesn't hurt her.
Silk flowers, flower head wreaths, floral garland crowns, satin ribbons, crochet headbands can be used to adorn her hairstyle.
Don't forget to capture pictures while she walks along the bridal path. After all the years, she'll feel cherished, rejoicing these lovely moments.