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Rock Those Curls With These Fascinating Curly Hair Updos

Pragya T Mar 12, 2019
Curly hair is difficult to manage, but certainly looks great in an updo. It just needs some basic hair care and styling tips to look gorgeous.
Although, straight hair are more manageable, curly hair gives a more sassy and soft look. Straight hair mostly gives a formal look, but to go for a more messy, sophisticated, or romantic look one needs to go with certain hairstyles.
And those who have natural curls, you should learn to embrace them. An updo is great for days when you want to accentuate your elegant dress or jewelry.
Check out the ideas given here for some great updos.

How to Get Curly Hair

Shampoo your hair, apply a conditioner and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Again wash your hair properly. Towel dry your hair, and on wet hair, apply a sea salt spray or a hair curling mousse. Scrunch your hair to get a wavy texture.
Let them dry naturally, and you will have sexy beach waves. If you wish to get well-defined ringlet curls, then twirl sections of your hair on your index finger and blow dry.
If you wish to sport a messy updo, then wash your hair on the same day. However, if you want to create elegant hairstyles for weddings or proms, then wash the hair a day before. This will prevent any frizz, and make the hair more manageable for the curly hairstyles you plan to create next day.

Updos for Curly Hair

Easy Hair Updos

If you are in a hurry and can't manage your curls, then here are easy updos that will save you from a bad hair day.
Use a thick-toothed comb or scoop hair using your finger, and using a rubber band, set them on the top of your head in a loose bun. Pull out a few wavy strands from the sides and few near the nape to soften your look. This messy updo will give a casual and sexy look.
An easy way for a quick updo is to comb your hair and side part them. Then form two French braids on the sides, and form a longer simple braid using the rest of the hair. Then roll the braid on your head to form a bun, and secure it with hair pins.

For School

This curly updo also works for very short hair. Comb all your back and secure them in a tight curly hair bun, at the top of your head.
Then use some cute silver headbands or hair accessories. If you have short curly hair, then don't tie it in a bun, just comb it back and secure it with a headband.

For Prom

If you are looking for an elegant and classy-looking updo for prom, then this one's for you. Pull all your hair up and part them into two sections horizontally―top and bottom.
Then, tie the top half in a bun, and let the bottom half just fall on your shoulders. This half updo hairstyle looks great with dangling earrings.

For Weddings

For a wedding, you need to create a romantic and elegant look.
Middle part your hair using a comb, then use your fingers and tie your hair into a bun near the nape. Then, pull out a few strands from the sides to soften your look. Use beautiful hair pins in the bun to make your hairstyle look even more eye-catching and attractive.
So, use the above ideas to create beautiful-looking updos, and make sure you use a hairspray after you are done styling the hair for a better and longer hold. Rock those curly hairstyles!