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Wacky and Crazy Hair Day Ideas Your Child Will Love to Sport

Crazy Hair Day Ideas
Most kids are extremely excited about donning a wacky hairdo for the crazy hair day at school. If this day is just around the corner, you must try to think about unique hairstyles that would be just perfect for this day. Try to be original and innovative and think of giving your child a look that he/she would love to sport.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
For cray hair day you could highlight your child's hair with a hair dye, but make sure that you apply a temporary hair dye that can be washed off the next day. Hair gel could be applied to give the boys a wacky 'spiky' look. There is no dearth of crazy hairdos for girls. You just need to think out of the box. Well, the first step, undoubtedly, is to get it right in your head. So, let's get started and find wacky hairdos that your child will love. It is time to awaken the funky hairstylist in you. You've got to be creative in the craziest of ways while planning the crazy look so that you can style your child's tresses in the wackiest of the hairstyles!!
Ideas for Girls
Bun-Hawk Hairdo
SMall girl with bun hawk hairstyle
You could style your little girl's tresses in the bun-hawk hairdo. This hairdo is crazy and yet very cute. Part her hair, taking hair strands so as to form a rectangular section from the middle of her head. Use a cute elastic band to tie them. Twist the hair to make a bun. Similarly, you could take strands and make buns in the middle and at the back of her head and tie them with cute bands. You could put flowers or tie cute ribbons around the buns.
Twist It
Plaited hair of girl
Girls, you could also plait hair to get the scrunchy look. You could curl your hair on one side and leave the other side straight. A lot can be done, all you need to do is add colorful and shiny accessories to attract attention.
If you have shoulder-length hair, make small ponytails and put cute clips. In case you have short hair, you could add lots of spray to don the spiky look. You could also use wacky wigs. You could braid all your hair and use these braids to make buns and put bands and clips around the buns. If you have long hair, you could place a ball or a cone on your head, cover it with your own hair or a hair piece and tie a band or ribbons around it to make it look wacky.
Ideas for Boys
Mohawk Hairstyle
Boy with Mohawk hairstyle
You could highlight your hair. Dyeing your hair will definitely make an impact. Get ready with hair sprays and gel and try the Mohawk or the faux hawk look. All you need to do is use the hair gel to make all your hair stand just in the middle. You could then dye them with different colors.
Punk Hairstyle
Boys with punk hairstyle
You could also take strands and put gel to create spiky short punk hairstyles. If your hair is long, you could try cornrow designs. Wear headbands, beads or clips to create the craziest look. You could shave off your hair from some parts and dye the remaining with colors. You could also make use of wigs.
These were some ideas on styling your hair in wacky hairdos. You could even make a few variations to these hairdos. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your imagination and creativity as it is time to accomplish your mission of creating wacky hairstyles. Have fun!
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