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Crazy Hair Color Ideas That Guarantee a Funky and Cool Look

Pragya T Feb 17, 2019
Want to try some crazy hair color ideas? Here, we will give you ideas on some funky, cool, and unique ideas that you can use to dye your hair colorful.
There are so many hair coloring shades available, that you can mix and match different colors to create a totally new colored hair cool look. If you wish to try something crazy or unusual, then go with the bright-colored hair dyes.
Hair dye products by Manic Panic and Special Effects are semi-permanent hair dye which last for few months and then start to fade away......
You can go to shopping sites and check out the hair dye colors these products have to offer. Then pick up hair colors which you have wanted to color your hair with. You can follow the instructions mentioned on the product, to color your hair.
To color few streaks, or color different areas of your hair in different colors then using the foil or the cap method for coloring hair is a good idea. It is necessary to pre-bleach your hair before applying these bright hair dyes. Because, on unbleached hair the hair dye won't give much effect, and you will end up with a very subtle hair dye color.
So, to try crazy hair color styles remember to pre-bleach your hair. If you don't wish to use these semi-permanent dyes, then buy the hair colored spray products which last for one or two wash, make sure you don't apply the spray on scalp, but only on hair.

Color Ideas to Choose From

Ideas' List

To try out some crazycolors, all you need to do is pick some unusual shades, and mix and match them with skinny streaks or chunky highlights. You can also color patches of your hair in different colors. So, use your creativity and go crazy with bright colors.
  • Dye your hair platinum blonde and add purple streaks near the ends (line an ombre) and on the bangs.
  • For some crazy hair color styles for short hair, try lowlights in blonde hair. On short blonde hair, get lowlights of different bright hair colored hair, then style them spiky with an extra hold gel and colorful under patches will be revealed.
  • On black hair, get two white hair colored chunky hair highlights on either side of parting. At the edge of the white hair streaks, add hot pink color. The same idea you can try out with on a base of light hair, and get black highlights.
  • Style your hair into a faux haux, and color half side of your hair into blonde and other side black.
  • Get a short bob haircut done, and the top half layer of hair into orange and half into a pink hair color to get a beautiful merging effect.
  • Randomly, on a color palate, pick 7 - 8 vibrant shades. Then get skinny streaks of these hair color.
  • On black hair, get electric blue chunky hair highlights. You can also try braiding these highlighted hair sometimes.
  • Do you support a particular soccer club, or love cheering for your country? Then get your hair colored in stripes displaying the colors of the national flag or the club flag.
  • Dye your hair completely black, and dye the crown hair dark green or deep purple.
  • If you have long hair or have a long scene cut, then pick three colors and try these unusual scene hair color ideas. Get a horizontal band of first color, then leave a band of your natural hair color, then color a band of second color, leave a natural hair color band and lastly color the tips of the hair with the third color.
So, don't be shy to go nuts with the mentioned colorful hair ideas. However, if you don't wish to go overboard, then study the hair color wheel first, to understand which color suits your skin and eye tone and then pick up the color for coloring your hair.