Cornrow Styles for Girls

Cute Cornrow Styles for Girls That Enhance Their Attractiveness

There are many cornrow styles that you can try creating at home. This article lists some great styles for girls and instructions on how to do them.
Cornrow hairstyles are very popular among the youth, and everyone loves to experiment with different styles. A cornrow is a braided hairstyle that is created by taking small sections of hair and braiding them tightly. A unique aspect of cornrow braids is that they are done quite close to the scalp, following the natural contours of your head.
Although this style is more popular among African and African-American people, many people of other ethnicities like to sport this hairstyle too. You need to have thick coarse hair and not thin silky hair to create cornrows.
Here is a picture gallery of various hairstyles for girls. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Cute Styles for Girls
Classic cornrows
Cornrow hairstyle with ponytails
Rasta cornrows
Cute half cornrows
Thick cornrows
Zigzag cornrows
Side cornrows
Hairstyle Idea #1
For a very modern yet chic look, there are stylish cornrows that are a bit softer.

To create this style, you need hair that has been washed a day earlier. Your hair should not be too silky. Comb your hair out with a wide-toothed comb to remove all knots and tangles. Next, make a deep side parting on the left side of your head.

Now, braid a single row by taking a four inch section of hair, going from the crown area to the back. Keep the braid tight and as close to the scalp as possible. When you reach the nape of the neck, secure the cornrow with an elastic band. Tie the rest of your hair, into a loose chignon and then set your hair by spraying it with a spritz of medium-hold hairspray.
Hairstyle Idea #2
Another good style that you can create easily at home is the combination cornrow.

You need to first section your hair into two parts, creating a deep side part on the right. Take a two inch section from just above your ear and make a braid, keeping the braid tight and close to your head. Once you reach the end of your crown, secure the braid with an elastic band and clip it to your head with a hair clip.

Take another two inch section of hair, above the first cornrow and then proceed to braid this section in the same way. Secure and clip the second one in the same way. Once both cornrows are done, apply a bit of mousse to keep the hairstyle in place. Flat iron the rest of your hair and allow it to fall naturally.
Hairstyle Idea #3
The half updo can be worn for a night out with friends.

Create 6 to 8 cornrows starting from the front of your hairline to the crown of your head. Secure these braids with elastic bands, and then curl the rest of your hair with a curling iron. Make a small, high ponytail with the curled hair, and your hairstyle is ready.
These were some simple and easy hairstyles. There are many cornrow styles that are unique and very attractive on women. Experimenting with different styles will make you come up with new designs. While creating cornrows, make sure that you apply some good quality hair care products to make sure that your hair is protected. Cornrow braids of all styles require lots of practice.