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Unique Ideas That'll Help You Flaunt Copper Hair Color With Grace

Copper Hair Color
Copper hair color is back with a bang, in the trends charts this fashion season. So go ahead and get yourself a new edgy hairstyle along with some luscious highlights...
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
You will see a lot of fabulous hair colors, drawing in the scene this season. From fantastic bright colors such as magenta, purple, and pink, to colors such as deep blue and 'Emo-green'. Though if you prefer sheer elegance and mystique, then copper hair color would be the favored choice. The copper tinge can give a new lease of life to dull hair as well as to your personality. It often happens that we get bored with our usual hairstyles and hair color. So then what can we do to help let loose, that personality that's bursting to get out? Get a makeover, or in the least get a new hairstyle!
Idea for Flaunting Coppery Hair
Copper looks the best when combined with natural brown hair colors such as dark, chestnut, ash, medium dark, and medium brown. On some people copper adds volume, especially to fine blond hair shades. Though it's crucial to know all about which colors blend the best with your hair color shade. It would be preferable if you print it or take a photo of the hairstyle that you want, so that the hairstylist knows for sure, exactly what you are talking about.
Long Layered Hairstyles
Get edgy this season with some dynamic shades of copper. Cut your long tresses in long sharp layers, so that they fall in uneven strands. Ask your hairstylist to visualize what color combination would look the most stunning. Try out a dual blend of copper shades so that you can fake the volume. Examples of dual shades could be golden copper combined with dark red copper. Get razor cut hairstyles, so as to make the style more prominent. If you do not want to mess with your long straight hair, try getting wispy side swept bangs that give the classic wind-blown look.
Walk Like an Egyptian
Go for the much in demand Cleopatra, with bangs that fall over your entire forehead. Let the copper highlights do the rest. These highlights can be either focused only on the bangs or they can be allowed to spread throughout your hair. That is from the root to the tips. The Cleopatra looks fabulous on short flirty hairstyles as well as long hair that may either be pin straight or wavy. For women with slightly wavy to curly hair, they may straighten out the bangs while retaining the waves for the rest of the curls or waves.
Bob the Best
This enchanting hairstyle came with a bang and has yet to run its course. Still a popular favorite among young women and girls. This hairstyle is edge incarnated! There are many styles available within the bob universe, so let your hairstylist decide which one would suit your face the best. Though ensure that he adds the copper highlights in a way so that it adds volume to your hair, while it highlights the new layers. Try a combination of bleaching some stands and combining them with 2-3 shades of copper.
Punk It Out
Who says you are too old to feel young again. Get yourself an all edged out punk hairstyle. Feel free to let your hairstylist go crazy, so as to get out the best there is for your hair. The best thing about this genre of hairstyles is that you can wear them and yet look classy. It all depends on what you wear and how you carry yourself. Try curls and streaks of copper, combined with pin straight hair undertones. Punk medium hairstyles with streaks usually suit long and well chiseled faces, while longer hairstyles look good on most faces. So consult with your hairstylist about the cut as well as the colors, that will look the best on you as well as your skin tone.
Coppery hair looks amazing when mixed with a twist of red. It also looks the best on warmer skin tones. While cool skin tones look stunning with shades of plum to purple. How well your hair color suits you, makes a world of difference in the way you look and feel about yourself. So exude confidence no matter which shade you finally end up choosing.