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6 of the Most Common Myths About Gray Hair Debunked Right Here

6 Common Gray Hair Myths Debunked
Gray hair is a gray territory, literally. There are so many myths surrounding it, that it's hard to decide what to believe in. Well, it's time to bust some of them.
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2019
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Gray Hair Myths
Plucking Gray Hair
Debunked: Remember when you saw your first gray hair? You quickly plucked it out! Most of us do that, and have been told that many more will pop back out. Well, it's a pure myth. Plucking gray hair won't lead to more gray hair, but it can damage the hair follicle and lead to 'no' hair. It's better to have gray hair than no hair, right?!
Dyeing Hair
Debunked: You must have heard this many times, "Your hair is turning gray cause you started coloring it." Well, there's no truth in this statement. Dyeing your hair won't make it gray faster. Excessive dyeing can make the hair dry or damage it in the long run, but definitely won't turn it gray.
Effects of Sun
Debunked: Excess sun is harmful for the skin as well as the hair. But the sun doesn't actually lead to graying of the hair. Gray hair has lesser melanin, which is why it gets more damaged with the sunrays.
Gray Hair
Debunked: The simple truth is that, gray hair is not actually gray in color. It is just a combination of black and white hair.
Effects of Stress
Debunked: Stress does affect the hair as it does to our overall health. But whether stress actually leads to graying of the hair is still debatable.
Hair Growth
Debunked: Hair growth doesn't change with its color. As the hair turns gray, the production of pigment reduces and the texture changes. It does not grow faster or slower as compared to black hair.