Why Chunky Highlights is Totally the Right Choice for Brown Hair

Chunky Highlights for Brown Hair
Chunky highlights for brown hair are a good option if you want a brighten your current hairstyle, or add depth to your hair. Here are some ideas you can use to change the look of your hair and make heads turn when you pass by.
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Chunky highlights, which are around 1 to 2 inches thicker, are a great way to brighten dull hair as well as add some shine to them. Also, if you are planning to dye your hair, it is a good idea to test the color by highlighting some parts, before taking the plunge and repenting later. This way you can check out how a certain shade looks against your skin tone, without causing a severe damage to your hair. If chunky highlights for brown hair is what you are looking for, then you need to know which color highlights and hair coloring ideas are best suited for brown hair.
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The highlight color you want to choose should be based on the shade of your hair. Highlighting dark hair which is brown in color with chunky highlights in lighter shades of brown would look great and add a lot of depth, while blonde highlights in brown hair may be a bit jarring. For natural looking chunky highlights:
  • Color your hair with highlights that are only a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color.
  • Another factor to be considered while deciding on a chunky highlight color is the shape of your face. Chunky highlights look good on round faces when they are put away from the hairline. For oval-shaped faces, it is important to place highlights only at the ends of the hair, because highlighted sections at the roots tend to emphasize the longness of the face. For square-shaped faces it is simple, place highlights evenly all over the head.
  • Choosing the color of highlights also depends on whether your hair are cool-toned or warm-toned. What this means is, if your hair are cool-toned, then you have ash and beige undertones, while if your hair are warm-toned, then you have golden or reddish undertones. Your highlights should correspond to the undertones of your hair. For example, light brown hair with chunky highlights in blonde can look fabulous.
  • If you have light chestnut colored hair, chunky highlights in honey blonde will look great.
  • Strawberry blonde chunky highlights look beautiful on medium brown hair.
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Loud Highlights
If you want an attention grabbing look, then you can get chunky highlights in a shade much lighter than your natural hair color. The disparity between the two shades is sure to make the highlights stand out. For these kinds of streaking or highlighting, you may streak your long layered hair all over, but preferably only in selected areas of your bangs and around your face for shorter hair. You can add four ash or platinum blonde chunky highlights on the crown of your head or color your bangs blonde. If an expressive punk or memo style is what you are trying to achieve, you can get one chunky highlight in pink, blue, purple, or even add multiple colors.

To highlight brown hair, you will need to bleach the desired portions. The time period you will leave the bleach in for, will depend on how light you want your highlights to be. Many people end up with orangish or brassy highlights, when they try doing it themselves. That is why it's ideal to get chunky highlights done by a stylist. However, if you decide to give it a go at home here are some tips that may help you in learning how to highlight your own hair:
  • Do some research, ask your friends, and ensure that you are using the right product. Technique is important too and you need the box with the cap and hook for short hair, and paint brush for long hair. Follow all the directions given on the product.
  • Some hair products suggest washing your hair a day or two ahead of coloring, so as to ensure that your natural oils are present at the time of the process, which will protect your scalp and hair to a certain extent.
  • It is of utmost importance to get the right color for your hair. For warm highlights, select gold or caramel tones.
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Chunky highlights for brown hair can add luster to your hair, however remember that any coloring process damages your hair, which is why proper hair care is essential. Give special attention to your hair, with frequent conditioning or with the use of a deep conditioning mask to help it recover.
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