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Choppy Bob Hairstyles

These Cool Choppy Bob Hairstyles are the Key to Look Smart and Mod

Bobs are classic hairstyles, that never go out of fashion. However, instead of going for a simple straight bob, try contemporary choppy bob hairstyles for a fresh and stylish look...
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Choppy bobs are easy to maintain, like most bob hairstyles. So you can just transform your old classic bob hairstyle into a choppy one, and wear a stylish and fashionable cut. You can try different styles with a choppy bob, and accompany it with side sweeping bangs, or a blunt fringe. Accompanying it with a graduated cut creates more diversity in the hairstyle. Pairing the hairstyles with some bold hair color ideas will make your hairstyle even more unique.
How to Get Choppy Hairstyles?
These haircuts need straight hair, so if you have wavy or curly hair, you can straighten them using a straightening iron. If you have frizzy or wavy hair, then use a straightening iron before cutting your hair. Shampoo your hair, and towel dry. Then use hair serum and cream to protect your hair from any damage during the straightening. Carefully straighten your hair, and then choose from any of the mentioned below styles of bob hairstyles. To give the hair a choppy effect, you will need to work on all your hair strands. Take a hair strand hold it at a 45ยบ angle. Then, hold the scissors at an angle and make a cut. This way work with all the hair strands, except for hair bangs. If you wish to give a wispy soft effect to your hair, then run a razor on all the strands of your hair, to remove the bulk hair.
Styles of Choppy Bob
Woman with brown choppy style bob
Blunt Choppy Bobs
This style resembles the classic bob haircut more than the other haircuts. To try these medium bob hairstyles, cut your hair to an even length. The length of the hair can be below your ears or till your chin. Pair this choppy bob hairstyle with a blunt fringe. To cut your hair into a blunt fringe, take the front section of your hair and comb it. Hold it straight, and make a straight and even cut till your eyebrow level. If you wish to soften the fringe, then snip off a few hair from the edge of the fringe.
Woman with long choppy bob
Layered Choppy Bobs
If you have long or medium hair length then these styles are the best option of long choppy bob hairstyles for you. First part your hair in the middle, and then cut your hair into layers by cutting the different hair sections into different lengths. If you wish to go for a deep layered effect, then make more cuts. Choppy layers look great with side sweeping bangs; to cut your hair into bangs, take the front section of your hair and comb it, then hold it with your fingers, and with a light pull hold it to opposite ear, and make a straight cut. Comb and check.
Woman with blonde choppy bob and side-swept bangs
Graduated Choppy Bobs
Graduated bob haircut is done by cutting your hair short at the nape of the neck, and longer at the sides of the face. These short bobs are also known as A line hairstyles. There are two options when it comes to graduated bob styles, you can have a symmetrical cut (remember Katie Holmes bob cut), or you can opt for asymmetrical cut (Victoria Beckham graduated bob style). The asymmetrical cut gives a bold and edgy look, while the symmetrical style will give you a balanced and even cut. So, select the length of hair you want to maintain, and then start cutting your hair. First cut your hair into a deep U style, so that the hair at the nape of your neck is shortest, and the hair at the sides of your face is maintained longest.
Woman with short choppy bob
Unusual Choppy Bobs
Many people tend to get their hair cut in unusual bobs. These bobs generally tend to be asymmetrical. Many people get their hair cut in a graduated bob, and keep one side of the hair touching shoulder while other side till chin. One can also get a blunt bob and keep both the sides of the hair really long till the middle of the back. You can also keep a section near the nape of neck really long and style it in a braid and keep the rest of the hair open, for a cool oriental braid style. You can also consider dyeing your hair into some vibrant color like bright red, magenta, or platinum blonde.
Select the type of bob hairstyle you want from the above mentioned styles. You can run a razor if you want wispy hair ends, and use hair highlights to make your hairstyle look even more fun!
Women With Modern Hairstyle
Women With Modern Hairstyle
Woman With Modern Hairstyle
Women With Modern Hairstyle
Woman With Modern Hairstyle
Woman With Modern Hairstyle
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