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Cheerleading Hairstyles to Instantly Jazz Up Your Look

Cheerleading Hairstyles
Here are some pretty ways in which you can manage your hair while you cheer the action.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
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Quick Tip!
Accessorizing is very important to jazz up any hairstyle, but use only fabric ribbons or plastic clips. Avoid metal or any other sharp ones, as you may end up hurting yourself or any other team member when performing.
Being a cheerleader is no easy task. You have to jump, swirl, dance, and turn; plus look good and cheerful. Along with cute uniforms, it's the hairstyle of a cheerleader that instantly attracts attention, and donning a cute, but practical hairstyle is very important.

There are many different hairstyles that you can try. You can choose any cheerleading hairstyle, but simply make sure that you go in for one that does not come onto your face and take your attention away from the moves. It is thus implied that open and relaxed hairstyles are a strict no-no.

So here are some options for you. Take a look...
Classic Ponytails
Classic Ponytails - 1
✪ Ponytails are almost synonymous with pony tails. The classic, all-time favorite hairstyle that is easy to do, and looks chic as well. But, hey, your ponytail shouldn't be too plain (boring!).
Classic Ponytails - 2
✪ Experiment with the positioning, bouffants, braided bangs, and curls for a more trendy look. A sleek high ponytail will give you an edgier look, while a bubble ponytail or two ponytails on the side will look more girly and cute. Yes, and you can use cute, colorful ribbons for an added effect.
Classic Ponytails - 3
✪ If your hair is very thin, or too straight tease or back-comb for added texture and volume. You can pin up your bangs, braid them, make a pompadour, or just leave them open.
Chic Braids
Chic Braids - 1
✪ Braids should be your go-to hairstyles, as they look amazing, and keep away all the hair from your face. You can also make small braids and wear them in a ponytail.
Chic Braids - 2
✪ For a totally different look, you may experiment with cornrow braids. Braiding your hair along with colorful ribbons will give you a cool look.
Chic Braids - 3
✪ With so many styles in braiding, right from French to fishtail, and waterfall to mermaid, you can flaunt a new style for every game!
Cheerleading Updos
Cheerleading Updos
✪ If your group loves to experiment, and doesn't mind edgier hairstyles, then you can opt for some trendy updos.
Cheerleading Updos
✪ Simple buns, braided buns, or French roll are some styles you can try, but ensure that you pin up the hair properly. Don't go for very delicate hairstyles as there are chances of hair coming out when jumping or dancing.
Cheerleading Updos
✪ Buns and updo hairstyles are generally not recommended to be worn by girls with long hair. This is because the volume of the set hair can scatter during dancing or making other moves.
Ribbon It Up!
Ribbon It Up
✪ It's hard to imagine cheerleaders without ribbons, isn't it? Laces literally have the power to lend a cute, girly appeal to even the most boring hairstyle.
Ribbon It Up
✪ Jazz up a simple ponytail or braid with a bright colorful ribbon knot; braid up multiple ribbons with your French braid; there's no limit to how much you can experiment with ribbons!
Ribbon It Up
✪ You can even tie a ribbon along your head like a headband, and leave all your hair open. This style looks good, and works really well if your hair is short and curly.Experiment with different knots every time you cheer, because ribbons are indeed a delight!
With so many options, you are surely going to get lot of appreciation for your hairstyles this season. Remember to explore various styles for your group, and let people keep guessing about your next new look! Cheers!