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Stunning Casual Updos That are Work as Well as Party Favorable

Mamta Mule Oct 13, 2018
If you love those messy but sophisticated casual updos, then get you hair turned and twisted to wear those. Here are some of the best ones that you can try out on your locks and look stunning.
Recently, updos are certainly turning out to be the most amazing hairstyles one can opt for. Be it a busy morning, an eventful day, or a special evening, these can be worn anywhere. What's more, since they are so versatile, these look great on casual as well as formal attire.
While the formal styles might need some practice, most of the casual ones are simple and less time-consuming.
Also, a casual updo is not really so 'casual' and can be worn on all of your formal gowns and short cute dresses. If these seem to be your 'type', then here are some amazing styles which you can try out.

Messy Updo

Start with applying mousse on your hair, especially at the back. Now, twist your hair strand by strand. Take large and broad strands. Twist and swirl each one of them and pin them to the lower part of your head. You don't have to follow a specific order while you pin the strands.
Go on doing it randomly to create a really messy look. Once done, finish with a hair spray and add a stylish headband. Such messy hairdos are great for short and medium length hair as well. If you have curly hair, let some curly bangs falling on your face to complement the messy updo. This is a cute feminine hairstyle that you must definitely try.

Curled Updo

Here's a style that can be sported at an event where you might want to don a semi-formal attire. Start by tying two ponytails and secure each with a rubber band. One will be at the nape and another at crown of your head. Spray some light hairspray.
Now curl the free hair and pin it around ponytails. Some strands also must be pinned till mid of their length. Leave the free ends on back of the head. Once you have finished casually pinning the hair around ponytails, finish with a hairspray and hair band if desired.

Side Bun Updos

This one's unique and gives a fresh touch and a youthful look to your face. You need to side-part your hair for this hairstyle. Just pull back your hair on one side and twist them.
Pin up the twisted hair and then swirl the free ends and pin them strand by strand around to form a swirling bun. Make sure you have this bun on the side of your side swept bangs. This gives a classy looking hairstyle which can be embraced by hair accessories.

Five Minute Updo

Gather all your hair accessories like bobby pins, jeweled hair clips, mousse, blow dryer, and a thin headband. Take a bit of mousse in your hand and apply it in your hair. Holding the blow dryer in one hand, move it in the downward direction as you work your way through the hair between your fingers.
For a pretty look, just ruffle the front layers and gently tease those at the crown. Now take back the strands and part into many uneven sections. Twist each section and pin at the nape.
You can also twist together alternate sections and secure at the nape. Spray some light hairspray. Add jeweled hair clips on one side or embrace them with a thin headband for a chic look.
Apart from these lovely updos, you can also have your hair styled in your own way. A half-loop ponytail of those scrunched hair is a popular choice of many college goers.
Wearing these ultra feminine updos is a smart way to get ready in less time. So get the styling mousse, bobby pins, hairspray, headband, and don a glamorous look in minutes!