Carrot Oil for Hair Growth

Most of us are unknown about the use of carrot oil for hair growth. In the article coming up, we have put together some valuable information about the same, so keep reading and use the benefits.
HairGlamourista Staff
Carrot oil, more commonly known as carrot seed oil is basically used as an essential oil and is the extract from the seed of carrot plants, Daucus carota. It gets its essential oil properties because of the natural earthy and woody smell, and the rich amber to orange color that persists with time. There are many pharmacologically healthy components in this carrot seed oil which are used in perfumes and adding aroma to foods. These constituents are mainly 3 flavones; viz; luteolin, luteolin 4'-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside and luteolin 3'-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside. Another very important constituent that makes about 40% of the oil is caratol, which is actually an alcohol formed in carrot seeds. There are many other uses of carrot oil, other than being an essential oil, such as a moisturizer for skin and as a great stimulant for hair growth. Using essential oils for hair growth is surely an upcoming remedy.

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil for Hair

Scientifically, it is known that carrots are rich in vitamin E, C and A, beta-carotene, potassium and other antioxidants. Vitamins A and E as well as beta-carotene are great nutrients that have conditioning properties. They moisturize the skin or scalp on the body, thus providing better blood flow and further giving healthier skin. Because of these essential nutrients which are required in hair growth, carrot seed oil is a very important constituent in many hair care products. However, many doctors suggest that eating fresh carrots would prove more beneficial to hair, skin and eyes by using the seed oil of the carrot plant. Coming up in the paragraphs below are some uses of carrot oil for hair growth.

As mentioned above, carrot seed oil has vitamins A and E which are very useful in conditioning the skin and the scalp. When you use this oil to massage your scalp with finger balls in a gradual clockwise technique, the oil seeps into the roots of the hair follicles providing them with the vitamins. The massage also improves the blood circulation in the particular areas, making the cells active and supplying enough blood and nutrition to the cells. This process further strengthens the hair roots, holding them through rough treatments and chemical effects. Your hair loss is prevented and therefore, the density of the hair is retained. There are many oils which are used as conditioners such as; coconut, olive, almond, castor, etc., which can be combined with a small proportion of carrot oil for stronger effects.

When you have long, strong and healthy hair, you have to make sure it stays that way. There are many external facts such as bad weather, pollution, dust, sunlight, chemicals, treatments, etc., which can cause quite an amount of damage to the hair both internally and externally. Therefore, when you want to maintain and protect your lustrous healthy hair from all these factors, you can massage the roots with carrot oil every once in 4 days and wash them off the following day. Because breakage is also prevented by the vitamins and beta-carotene, your hair is strengthened. This is another use of carrot oil to promote hair growth. For better results, it is suggested that the oil be warmed slightly and then massaged, as the warmth opens up the hair pores, making it easier for the oil to reach the roots. Warm carrot seed oil is definitely one of the best essential oils for hair health.

You can use the above mentioned tips of carrot oil for better hair growth. However, if you are suffering from excess hair loss and are looking for home remedies, consulting a trichologist about your hair health would be preferable.