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Stylish Caramel Highlights

Aastha Dogra Oct 29, 2018
Planning to get caramel highlights on your hair? Read this to know what kind of highlights will suit your natural hair color.
Highlights are the perfect way to gain a completely different look. Whether you have dark or light hair, if they are creatively decorated with highlights, they can perk up even the most plainest of tresses and make a woman look very stylish.
So, if you are considering getting caramel highlights on your hair, here are some valuable suggestions and ideas.

Caramel Color

Caramel is a richer, softer shade of gold, which can be defined as either dark blond or bold light brown.
If you set out to buy a home-color kit, you will find that some manufacturers offer shades which are slightly on the darker side, while others offer shades with a golden tint to it. Caramel is referred to by two other names, toffee, as well as butterscotch. It is advisable to look at the shade card and then select the color, rather than going by the name.

Caramel Highlights

If you are planning to go in for caramel highlights, consider your initial hair color, and also your skin color, eye color, and overall personality.


For someone with dark brown hair, caramel highlights are the perfect choice as they lend a kind of richness to brunette hair. These highlights need to be positioned in a way to frame the face, and blend with the whole hair.

Black Hair

Black and caramel are opposing colors. So if you're looking to create a contrasting, dramatic look, then go for it. To make it look even more striking, women with black hair can consider getting only the tips of their hair highlighted in caramel.

Light Brown Hair

Women with light brown or blond hair should consider having lowlights in a shade of deep caramel. Lowlights will add depth to your hair. Highlights in this shade may not look as great since caramel is quite close to your natural hair color.
It is not just on getting the perfect highlights that you should pay attention to, but once you have them, caring and preserving your hair is equally important.
As these highlights tend to fade easily, especially when exposed to sunlight for a very long time, it is recommended that you use a shampoo and conditioner fortified with SPF which is meant for chemically-treated blond hair.
Drink lots of water, wear a hat while going in the sun, eat a balanced diet, deep condition your hair once a week, and go for highlight touch ups every 8-10 weeks, to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous-looking.