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Style Hacks: Extremely Creative Ideas for Brunette Highlights

Ideas for Brunette Highlights
The best highlights depend upon the shade of brunette hair color you have, whether it is a warm color or cool color. Read on, to learn how to select the right shade of brunette highlights, that will suit you.
HairGlamourista Staff
Last Updated: Jul 26, 2018
When it comes to hair color ideas, one needs to consider two main factors: first is the skin tone and second is the eye color. If you are getting highlights on your natural brunette hair then first understand if you belong to the cool or warm category of skin tone and eye color. Also, the exact shade of your hair needs to be understood.
On warm shades of hair base color, warm highlights look stunning. For example, blonde highlights look great on hair with golden streaks. Whereas, light ash brown or streaks of beige look beautiful on hair with cooler base.
You Belong to the Cool Category If...
Skin Tone
Beautiful Brunette Woman
People in the cool category have complexions like bronze or brown after tan, pale with pink undertones or no color, olive seen in Asians; Latinos, medium with golden undertones or with pink on cheeks /no color or dark brown.
Eye Color
Woman With Blue And Hazel Eyes
The eye color can be hazel with light flecks, dark blue, grayish blue or dark brown, and blackish.
Natural/Base Brunette Color
Beautiful Brunette Woman With Sunglasses
If your hair color is blue black, deep coffee, medium golden, medium ash brown or if you have dyed your hair into warm brunette shade, go for darker or lighter shade to match the brunette color, then go for highlights.
Best Highlights for You
Beautiful Brunette Girl
The best options for you are cool blonde shades of mink or icy white, wheat, ash or honey colored. Such people should avoid colors like yellow, red, bronze or shiny blonde for hair highlights, as these colors can make your face look tired or sallow.
You Belong to the Warm Category If...
Skin Tone
Young Beautiful Brunette
People belonging to the warm category can have brown skin tone with golden or pink undertones, pale complexion with golden or peach undertones or freckles.
Eye Color
Eye Macro
The warm eye colors are hazel eyes with golden or brown colored flecks, green eyes, golden brown eyes and greenish blue eyes.
Natural/Base Brunette Color
Woman In Beige Dress
The base color should be brown-golden blonde, golden reddish brown, auburn brown, milk chocolate brown, dark brunette (but not too deep). If you have a cool base of brunette hair color, dye your hair with any warm color, and opt for highlights.
Best Highlights for You
Pretty girl with long hair
The ideal options for you are golden brown, chestnut shades, shiny blonde, copper streaks, golden brown, or golden shades. If you belong to the warm category then avoid shades like beige or ash. Because, such shades can make your face look washed out.
So, understand your category and select the appropriate shade to avoid any coloring hazards. To protect your hair color for longer, use shampoos and conditioners which are especially made for color-treated hair.
To protect your hair against color fade, avoid exposing them to sun, wear protective gear like hats or scarves. You can also use a leave-in conditioner, which contains sunscreen in it, to protect your hair better.