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Brown Hair with Red Highlights

You Must See the Perky Effect Red Highlights Have on Brown Hair

Adding highlights to your natural hair color can transform the way you look on the outside and feel on the inside. Here is a HairGlamourista article that will give you helpful pointers on adding red highlights to brown hair.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
Women with natural brown hair can sometimes get bored with the color, and want to try something new with their hair. Keeping brown mane attractive for too long can be a challenge. Coloring or highlighting your hair is an easy and exciting idea to add individuality and uniqueness to your personality, and accentuate your hair at the same time. You can try various shades when it comes to highlights. However, if you want to look really trendy and young, then you should definitely opt for red highlights. These highlights are in vogue these days and look fabulous on anyone.
Red Shades to Consider
All shades of red color are popularly used for highlighting purposes. Some of the most popular shades of red color include mahogany, copper, plum, red-brown, red-blonde, & strawberry red. These colors allude a subtle depth and volume in brown hair, and make them look stunning and more attractive than the original plain brown color. Before selecting the desired shade of red, you need to consult with a hairstylist first. Also, your skin tone and hair texture will also be the deciding factors here.
Cool Undertone
Women who have eyes that are dark brown, blackish brown, hazel, gray, blue, or dark blue, and your skin color is dark brown, olive, light pink, fair with golden undertones, pale or brown and original hair color is jet black, coffee brown, ash brown, golden brown, dishwater blonde or medium brown, fall under this category.
Warm Undertone
On the other hand, women who have golden brown, green, greenish blue, greenish hazel eyes; brown and pale skin with peach, pink, golden undertones, or ruddy skin and your original hair color is deep brown, brunette, strawberry blonde, yellowish gray or golden blonde, fall under the 'warm' category.
Ideas to Consider
Dark Brown Hair
You can try bold shades like bright red, berry red, copper, mahogany, and plum as highlights. But rather than getting loud or chunky highlights, opt for subtle ones. Another way of looking attractive is to add them on the face framing fringes. Such highlights can make you look fairer. You may also go for sliced red highlights for a noticeable appeal.
Light Brown Hair
Women with light brown hair need to be resourceful before selecting the perfect shade of red for themselves. You can try various shades of copper like deep rich copper, dark golden copper, or dark reddish copper. But make sure to refrain from plum, berry red, and violet red shades. Unlike dark brown hair, people with light brown hair can surely opt for chunky highlights. You can also combine copper highlights with honey blonde hair color to get a slightly different look. Alternatively, you can add red highlights, with honey blonde chunky highlights to their light brown hair.
Medium Brown Hair
Most red color shades that are described above in this article look good with medium brown hair. Berry red, red blonde, and brown red are colors that look superb with medium blonde hair. You may also try ash, golden, and mahogany shades if you are looking for ideas for chocolate brown hair with red highlights. You can decide the degree and number of red streaks that you want according to the shade of brown of your hair. As they say, red is a very tricky color and hence you must always get red highlights done by a recognized hair care professional for better results. Make sure you discuss your requirements with the hair stylist and get the best shade for yourself.
It is extremely important to maintain proper hair care routine. For that opt for good color preserving shampoos, conditioners and other such hair care products. Red colors tend to make hair dry, hence it is extremely important to maintain the moisture levels of the hair in order to protect them in the long run.
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