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Funky Braids for Kids That'll Totally Rock Their Childhood

Braids for Kids
Braided hairstyles are definitely not a novelty for kids or adults, in fact, kids often experiment with their hair. Of course, the required care needs to be taken while attempting braids for kids.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2019
Are your kids obsessed with their hair, and are you having a tough time coping with their styles changing every minute? To be honest, it isn't really surprising, considering their age. They are bound to throw tantrums and moreover, it is the peer pressure that they face showing itself here.
The pressure is everywhere―in dressing, hairstyles, behavior, preferences, and so on. Hence, if your kid sees his or her friend sporting a funky braided hairdo, even your 10- to 12-year-old kid is bound to adamantly demand it.
These are designed in various styles and can be quite trendy. Cornrows can run from the front of the head to the back, side or top, with braided ends hanging loose. The number of cornrows can range from 2 to even 30, considering the fullness and length of the hair.
Natural Cornrows
As the name suggests, these are done only with the natural hair, without using artificial hair extensions. It's a hit among both boys and girls. For this, the natural length of hair has to be at least 2 inches.
Regular Cornrows
Regular Cornrows
These use hair extensions. The added hair could be either synthetic, or human. In this, the hair extensions are added only once, at the start of the braiding process. You may have a small knot where the braiding starts.
No-knot Cornrow
No-knot Cornrow
These are also done using hair extensions, but the method is a bit different. Here, the hair is added step by step while you are braiding downwards, coming to the end of the braids.
The best part about No-knot cornrow style is that there are no lumps where the braids begin. This hairstyle looks more natural, and there is no impression that extensions have been used.
Single Braids
Sitting In The Grass
These are free-flowing and individual. The size can differ from anything between 2 mm to 5 mm. The length can be to the chins, back or the shoulder. Akin to the cornrows, the ends could be wavy, curly, or straight.
Natural Twists
Natural Twists
This hairstyle is done with your natural hair combed and twisted. For this, the hair length has to be at least 1 inch so that it gets twisted.
Senegalese Twists
Senegalese Twists
These are again done using synthetic hair. Similar to the cornrows, the ends can be straight, wavy, or curly. They can either be burned, or dipped in hot water―whichever method is preferred.
Kinky Twists
Kinky Twists
These are best for kinky hair. The size ranges from 2 mm to 4 mm and could be till the chin or till the shoulders. The ends are normally curly and are dipped in hot water.
Most of these are micro braids, which are a craze among many youngsters. However, too much of braiding can lead to straining of hair and growth in the wrong direction. But on the other hand, hair braiding is cool if you have beautiful long locks.
Ultimately, what matters is how you carry a hairstyle and how convenient and comfortable it is. If your kids are loving it and it is helping the hair grow well, braiding is totally the way to go!