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Braided Hairstyles for Kids to Make Them Look Cool and Trendy

Braided Hairstyles for Kids
A good hairstyle works wonders and can change your overall appearance. To make your child look cool and trendy, you can try out some good braid hairstyles, even though some of them might be relatively time-consuming.
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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Braided hairstyles add an instant charm to the personality. Besides, sporting a trendy braid is definitely a fashion statement. As most agree, it is the best way to highlight your child's face as well as sweep the hair off the face. What makes it a rage amongst many is the fact that it allows one to try out a variety of styles. With little effort you can make these hairstyles look very pretty on kids.
Keeping in mind that children are very impatient, do not go in for the braid styles that are in vogue as they may take a long time to complete. To satisfy the young ones' desire to be trendy and cool have on, call some of the simplified braided hairstyles.
Classic English Pigtail
The classic English braid is one of the most common braid hairstyles and the easiest one to do as well. It is also called the three-strand braid and works best on children having medium to long hair. Mastering the English braid is essential to learn the other braid styles.
Divide the hair into three equal sections and comb them smooth. Then cross the right hand section over the middle section such that it becomes the middle section. Cross the left hand section over the middle section and tighten the plait. Repeat this crisscrossing of sections till you have a nice plait. Secure the end with a colorful band. You can also try the milkmaid braid to render a stylish touch for special occasions. All you got to do is wrap the plait over the head to form a crown.
Once you master the basic style, you can part the hair into two equal sections and braid each section to get two braids. Another variant to this style is dividing the hair into three equal sections at the forehead hairline. Braid each section separately so that you have three braids resting at the top of the head. Gather them together and form a single braid. This style is a trendy option as compared to a classic braid and can be worn for special occasions.
Stylish French Braids
Known as a smoothly woven braid style, the French braids form a pattern close to the scalp. They are a perfect style for kids and are easy to make.
french braid
To get the neat woven look, separate a two-inch section of your hair from the center of the hairline to the crown. Divide it into three equal sections and plait the section using the basic crisscross method. Hold this braided section with one hand while you part your hair horizontally from the hairline (that is just above the right ear) towards the center with the other hand. The trick to get the woven look is to integrate this section into the braid, thus making the initial strand a little bit thicker than its original width. Make a similar section on the other side of the hair, and incorporate this strand into the next braid. Repeat the process of incorporating alternate sections into the initial section till your hairdo is complete. Secure your hair with an elastic band and style it with some colorful pins.
Another style can be done by parting the hair in the center thus forming two French braids running over the top of the ear to the nape of the neck. You can either form a single braid by entwining the two braids together or leave them as they are resting on each side of the head. Another style similar to this is the Dutch braid, which is an inside-out French braid where you braid the strands under the braid thus making it sit on top of the hair.
Elegantly Twisted Braids
simple style
Call it simplicity at its best, these twisted braids are sure a rage amongst many. The rope braid is the easiest to master as it involves using just two strands of hair at a time. The best part of this style is that it can last for about 2-4 weeks.
For the super cute twists, wash and condition the hair well. While the hair is still damp, part the hair into manageable sections. Take a section of hair and divide into two equal sections. Then, all you got to do is tightly wrap each section over the other till you reach the end of the hair. Do this till the entire head is covered.
Another option is to part the hair into two horizontal sections. This way you will have twists closer to the hairline while the remaining hair can be tied into a ponytail or simply left open.
Quirky Cornrows
cute hairstyle
Braided close to the scalp, this style comes from West Africa. These braids are relatively time-consuming but it leaves you with a stylish mane, nevertheless. It is also called the underhand track braids as the braids are attached to the scalp in neat rows.
stylish hairdo
Here's how you get this quirky look. Separate out a section of your hair starting from the hairline to the nape using a rat tail comb. Pin up the remaining hair using a clutch or simply tie it into a ponytail. Take a small portion of hair from this section and divide into three strands. Make an English braid (using the crisscross pattern). Then reach down and add another strand of hair to the middle section. Each time you braid, continue adding strands of hair to the middle section. This technique of merging a new strand of hair into the plait helps it stay close to the scalp, thus forming neat rows. You can plait the hair till the end or leave them halfway through, at the center of the head, thus forming half cornrows.
Trendy Micro Braids
beaded hairstyle
Mini braids or micro braids, as they are commonly known, are trendy and can last for months. But you need to take care and maintain your hair well otherwise it can damage your hair.
hairdo for children
Take a small section of your hair and divide it into three smaller sections. Then braid the hair using the crisscross method as in the English braids. To ensure the braid doesn't loosen up, tie a loop knot at the end of each braid. The loop knot is similar to tying a shoe lace and involves passing one section of the braid into the other and pulling them tight. Continue the process till all the hair is braided. You can style it with beads, hair pins, and even glitter.
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