Adorable Braid Hairstyles for Girls That Could Hook Many Hearts

Braid Hairstyles for Girls
Braids for the past few years are in fashion, and they are still growing popular. Variations of braids look intricate and romantic. Here are some functional and fashionable braid hairstyle ideas.
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Last Updated: Jul 4, 2018
Woman With Bun Hairstyle
Did you know that most Native American children and women used to style their hair in braids to symbolize if they are going to war, or if a woman was married or unmarried or sometimes for certain religious rituals? Yep, that's true.
Girl With Braid Hairstyle
All over the world, braids find their significance in various cultures. Braids are awesome hairstyles because they keep the hair manageable and look cute too, you can wear them at school or when out.
Braid Hairstyles for Girls
Here are some braid hairstyle pictures. You can click on the images to enlarge them for a better look at the hairstyle and try them out yourself.
Plaited Pigtails
Hairstyle Plaits For Sports
This hairdo is a classic style for girls. The procedure begins with separating hair down the middle. Take each pigtail to create a simple low plait. For variations, position the plaits above the head and secure with bobby pins or twist them into buns and then secure with pins.
Girl With Braid Hairstyle
You also have the option of positioning the hair in pigtails that are secured with a rubber band over the head, and setting a ribbon in the rubber band. You are then required to plait the hair in a typical manner, weaving the ribbon in.
Side Plaits
Braid Hairstyle Tutorial
For this, separate the hair and collect modest portions in the front on any side. Plait both portions and then get them together at the back of the head. Use an elastic band to fix it tight.
Girl With Braid Hairstyle
Side Plaits is one of the simplest girls braiding hairstyles.
Plaited Ponytail Hairdo
All you need to do is collect all hair at the bottom of the neck and plait it in one braid, tying the base using an elastic band and bow. You can even collect all the hair right behind the head and tie with an elastic band. Plait the hair, twist it into a bun, and eventually secure it with bobby pins.
Girl With Braid Hairstyle
Pony Tail Hairstyle
Petite Braids
Girl With Braided Hair
Doing a petite braid haircut is probably the best way to keep hair out of the face for a long time. Take your little girl to the hairdresser and ask them to braid her hair into many tiny micro plaits.
Girl With Braided Hairstyle
Later set the hair in a ponytail or let them down for a low-maintenance hairstyle. The petite braids hairstyle is popular among the African-Americans. For young girls, adding beads at the end of the braids is a good idea. The size of the beads is determined by how long the braid is.
French Braids
Two Braids Hairstyle
If done in the right manner, it looks great and proves to be worth the effort. You can do this hairdo as pigtails or as a ponytail. Doing it at home may be a bit tough. You can approach a hairstylist or refer this information on how to French braid hair.
Girl In Waterfall Braids
These were some of the popular braid hairstyles for girls. You can tie the braid up in a hairdo, do a side braid hairstyle for your girl or tie multiple mini braids. Think of what suits her face shape and also take into account the occasion she is sporting that hairstyle for.