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Try These Cool Body Wave Hairstyles to Get an Easy Makeover

Body Wave Hair Styles
Body wave hair styles are just right. They are not those tight curls, but are soft waves which give a subtle yet stylish look. Here are useful tips on how to get body wave hair and how to style it.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Earlier, the tight ringlet curls were very popular. Women used to go to parlors to get perming treatment to get the springy curls. Though, bouncy curls do look good, however, they are not in fashion these days. Today, the hair fashion shows that soft wispy curls are in. They give a very soft and gorgeous look to women. Many women with straight hair are trying to go for body wave perm while women with extremely curly hair use hair relaxers to make their curls look less pronounced.
How to Get Body Wave Style?
Body Wave Perm
You can simply go to the parlor and ask the stylist to give you a body wave perm. These are looser curls which give a wave pattern rather than tight springy curl. They are usually recommended for fine hair type, as they add body to the hair. They are not wash and wear hairstyles, and so need to be maintained everyday.
Digital Perm
As mentioned above, body wave perm needs a lot of maintenance, so a better option to give body to your fine hair by perming is 'digital perm'. Digital perm is different from conventional perm. This perm is also known as hot perm, as a perming solution and heat is used to get soft curls. One advantage of digital perm over body wave perm is that it is very easy to style. Once you have washed your hair and allowed it to dry, you will get beautiful soft curls. Check out the pictures online of body wave perm and digital perm to see the difference.
At Home
If you don't have the budget or time for perm. Then, use these simple tips to get body wave type of hair. Simply wet your hair and apply a curling hair solution like hair curling mousse, serum or sea salt spray. Then, scrunch your hair and let it dry naturally, and you will have beautiful wavy hair.
How to Style Body Wave Hair?
Cut 'em
Once you have styled your hair into soft wavy styles, consider getting a haircut. You can simply get some layers in your wavy hair, and accompany it with some type of bangs. If you have a round face, then consider getting some additional layers near the crown. With this style, accompany side sweeping bangs or go for a stylish Cleopatra style bangs.
Another way to cut wavy hair is razor cut. In this cut, the stylist will hold a section of hair away from the head, and start slicing the hair section bit by bit. This will give you those soft wispy ends, which give tapering sexy locks. With these styles, blunt cut side bangs look great.
Color 'em
To add more style to your hair, consider dyeing your hair. If you want a total hair makeover, then dye your hair completely shiny raven black, honey blonde or auburn for a sexy look. If you don't want such a dramatic change, then get some foil skinny highlights. This will give a subtle textured hair look. Choose a hair dye color, which suits your eye color and complexion, then get around 8-12 highlights done. Make sure you get your highlights done on your bangs too, to make the highlights look natural.
So, what are you waiting for? Choose a perm or a curling solution to style your hair wavy, and go with a great looking cut and color for a total hair makeover. Enjoy!
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