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Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Some of the best hairstyling options for round faces are bob haircuts. There are numerous styles that you can choose from. Read the following information to get some ideas.
Rutuja Jathar Nov 4, 2018
Apart from hair texture, volume and type, your face shape is the basic factor that predicts how well you will carry that particular haircut. Hence, the shape of your face should be the priority for selecting a particular hairstyle. If you are not aware, there are seven basic face shapes, namely, oval, oblong, heart, diamond, square, triangular, and round.
People with a round face have a fuller looking face with a round hairline. Their faces are widest at the cheeks and ears. They need to be extremely careful while selecting a haircut. Since haircuts with fullness at the crown suit such faces, bob haircuts are one of those. There are so many things that you can do with bob hairstyles for round faces.
A typical bob hairstyle is short, which hardly reaches the chin and earlobes. However, along with the changing fashion trends, numerous modifications have been done with this classic hairstyle, changing its entire look.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles

A sassier option for round faced is the inverted bob cut. It is the fanciest and boldest, being for those who like experimenting. It was publicized by Victoria Beckham.
For this, the hair is cut acutely short at the back and near the nape and are left recognizably longer at the front. It is then complemented with asymmetrical face framing fringes at the front to soften your appearance and make you look feminine, rather than sporty. Make sure you have regular trimming to maintain this high maintenance hairstyle.

Pixie Blend Bob Hairstyles

It is assumed that pixie haircuts don't suit round faces, which is true. But, you can try few pixie haircuts with some moderations to suit a round face. To adom it, add choppy layers to it with side swept bangs.
A pixie haircut can also be blended with a shag haircut to get a stunning look, in no time. Opt for graduated layers that will only add to the fullness of the hairstyle, and avoid the bangs that might dangle near the widest part of your face (ears and cheeks). Just play alongside the basic rule, which is to concentrate on the crown region of the head.

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

Shoulder grazing bob is a trendy haircut. They are also said to be long layered bob styles which are versatile, giving you a feel of long hair. It can be styled at different lengths due to the layers.
Along with shoulder grazing hair, you can opt for shag cut with razored layers, stacked layers at the back of the head, you can go for asymmetrical bob haircut with graduated layers for round face shape.
If you are more fascinated about the layers, then you opt for those flipped end layers that look utterly feminine. Layered bob cuts only look great when they are slightly longer.
Once you decide on the style of the haircut, make sure you get it done by an experienced professional. It will ensure that you get the maximum perfection, and compliments for it too!