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Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

Check Out How Enchanting Blonde Hair Looks With Brown Highlights

In the following HairGlamourista article, we will highlight the important factors that have to be considered when using brown highlights on blonde hair. In addition to which, we will also look into some styles that can be carried through.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Blonde hair has always had an allure of its own. There is something about the sun-kissed, golden-hued hair color that has everyone turning around for a second glance. And while the color in itself is captivating, there are times when it can seem dull and one-toned. And what is one to do in such conditions? Think highlights. That's right. The right shade and style of highlights can transform your hair from the dull to the extraordinarily awesome.
When it comes to blonde hair, brown highlights are considered the most ideal color to opt for. These blend in well with the golden color and help in breaking the monotony perfectly well. The way in which you use the brown hair color―as highlights, lowlights, fully bleached, or semi bleached will depend on the kind of hairdo you're flaunting.
In this following HairGlamourista article, we will look into the kind of brown highlights that you can opt for and what are the factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing these.
While different shades of brown highlights complement different shades of blonde hair, it is important to note that hair that has been dyed blonde and is not naturally blonde should not be treated with highlights without consulting with your hairdresser. There are high chances that the already-treated hair will be further damaged with exposure to the harsh chemicals.
Examples of Highlights
Highlights for Blonde Hair
Brown highlights add a lot of depth and dimension to blonde hair. However, before any treatments are undertaken, it needs to be seen that the hair is well-conditioned and nourished such that no damage is done.

Selecting blonde highlights is a lot more than selecting a favorite hair color; choosing the perfect shade to go with your hair has to be done after carefully studying the eye color, skin tone, and the shade of your hair.
Warm Skin Tones
Brown highlights look especially good on people who have a warm skin tone. Warm skin tones comprise gold, peach, and pink undertones, and are easily and evenly tanned. This kind of skin tone is ideal for brown and other rich hair highlights like straw, bronze, and caramel, as well as subtle shades of brown and red.
In case you have a warm skin tone, you can even go in for a crop, short haircut that is speckled with brown highlights. And in case one has a ruddy skin tone with strong, red undertones that get flushed really easily, then blonde hair with brown highlights is the best choice that you have. Opt for shades of honey brown, beige and golden brown highlights to bring about tremendous change in the way your hair looks and feels, and the overall change that it leads to in your personality.
Cool Skin Tones
Not all skin tones can carry off brown highlights with golden hair. Cool skin tones that have blonde hair, rarely look good with brown highlights. This skin tone is quite pale and has a blue or gray undertone. In fact, the skin does not tan easily as well. Brown highlights for such a skin tone can add more paleness to the overall look. Which is why it is recommended that people who have these skin tones should opt for subtle highlights which can sooth the eyes, like, beige, ash, red, taupe, and wheat.
It is said that brown highlights look good on any eye color, especially dark eyes. However, if one has light green or light blue eyes, then a consultation with your hairstylist is important.
Once the highlights have been used in the hair, it is equally important to maintain these. For that, always use a color preserving shampoo and conditioner. It is also important to refrain from any additional chemical hair treatments.
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